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24 August - 22 September

Symbol - Virgin, Goddess
Element - Earth
Planetary Ruler - Mercury
Colour - Dark blue, Red-brown, green
Stone - Sardonyx

Gifts for a Virgo

Virgos have a practical approach to life and love. They crave a clear view of relationships and work in order to make progress. Virgos are just as frustrated by their fussing over minutiae as you are. Encourage your Virgo to engage their emotional side by giving gifts that are practical yet beautiful. An Alessi rubbish bin for the kitchen, a black faux-croc skin carry on case for travelling, a carriage clock for the living room or Bankers lamp for the study. But don't fret if you can't find or afford the perfect gift. Virgos may know the price of everything, but more importantly, they know the value of everything. A beautiful card with a heartfelt message or a carefully chosen token such as a scarf or set of linen handkerchiefs will be appreciated for the love that they reflect.

Virgos have a methodical and analytical intelligence which too often leads to perfectionism. Make life easier for your Virgo with gifts such as reference books (dictionary, atlas, thesaurus, and road directory), memory stick, laptop, and calculator. They will want to have an efficient and organised desk so also consider desk accessories like pen, file holders, stacking inboxes, pencil caddy and paper bin. They are happy to use a shredder.

Virgos can be hypercritical of others. To be fair, they are even more critical of themselves, leading to loss of self esteem and feelings of insecurity. Do take the time to write a note on their gift card to celebrate the friendship between you. A Virgo will take it to heart. Also think of gifts such as perfume, cologne, makeup and jewellery, all of which tend to make Virgos feel better about themselves. Just ask your Virgo to put their preferred brands and colours on a wish list at They will recognise the good sense in that idea.

The Virgo Child

The Virgo baby is often born with an excess of nervous energy that can lead to sleep disturbances and difficulties with settling. They cope better with a bedtime ritual such as singing a lullaby or reading a bedtime story. Gifts such as a music box, CD of tranquil classical music, rocking chair for the nursery, night light or cuddly soft toy are perfect for the Virgo baby.

As the Virgo child grows they will often show signs of doubting themselves. Bolster their self confidence. Give them art supplies (paint, brushes, paper), a book (puzzles, sodoku, science experiments, origami, calligraphy) or a balsa wood aeroplane model kit. You can then join in or just admire their work. Learning a skill such as playing tennis, horse riding, sailing, skating, or gymnastics or ballet is good for growing confidence. Equipment and clothes for sport make great gifts.

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