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i am turning 16 on february 22 and having a bday party on february 26 with tons of friends

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Gift Ideas 16th Birthday
im turning 16 in two days and i love books so i want tons of those and the color pink is my favorite color so im getting a cake in pink and im gunna be wearing pink too and a tiara because it is my bday.... on the saturday i am having a major get together and all i told my friends was make up, candy, posters and money i might go shopping with a friend before then for a dress i would also like: . curling iron . straightener . boots . necklace with my name on it . bracelet with sweet 16 . lulu lemon headbands . jewlery (birthstone) . concert tickets . new laptop (because the other one is too small) . the piercer (for my nose and belly button and ears) . Itunes gift cards . cartilidge earrings and just a day out with my mom at the spa or something



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