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Well my sister think i think im cool but i am pretty sure i know im cool haha well here is somethinf i wrote about me hi my name is bekka i am 10 years old i love listening to music and going to olivias house and serving god my favorite games online are and my fav not online games are monopoly and life twist and turns i have 1 lil bro 1 big sis a mom and a dad 2 dogs both boys there names are sam and frodo i have two dressers with clothes in and i have clothes in my closet people who dont know me think im quiet people who do know wish i was.i am cybe schooled and my name is germanly spelled i love changing clothes i have a ton of stuffed animals my eyes are blue i am short for 10 and i weigh 73 about. i like kellys icecream and playing polly pockeyts (or we say pps) i am musicly talented i live in PA i like art my handwriting was bad but now it is it got a lot better i like playing wii my fav game is wii fit plus i am picky with my clothes my style is crazy and my big sis always judges it i like going to awana and earning a ton of shares by learning verses i have 8 webkinz i am boyh girly and sporty i like playing soccer the most i have a ps3 and my fav game on it is tony hawk ride. my fav foods are perogies and corn on the cob and kellys icecream and oreo cookies i like typing but i dont care a lot if it is not well typed (i should though) i have three 1st plase awards for awana races and 1 2nd place.i like swiming and i am good at it i am the second shortest and second oldest of my friends i love my friends aqnd god i have 8 peeps one is named russle one is stripe and the other one we named is jack sparrow i am on the 3rd book for awana i love animals a lot i need sleep!
Star Sign: Cancer

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Gift Ideas Fathers Day
If your mom, grandma, or some women around that age is feeling stressed or has back pains ect. bring them to the spa they will enjoy just being relaxed or if you are to poor or are a kid make your own, give her a massage, paint her nails,put cucumbers on her eyes, make it feel like it is her speacial day

Gift Ideas Fathers Day
Little boys ages 4-8 like to be super heros so buy like a cape or spiderman jamies something superhero related. If the boy you know doesn't like super hero stuff maybe he likes sports or fishing or drawing you could buy him a basaball or a small fishing pole just his size maybe even his favorite color.

Gift Ideas Fathers Day
Pre-teen/tween girls ages 9-13 like to dress up and try to be like an adult a good gift would be maybe a small from the juniors section of the store, makeup,high heel, a traing bra,camra,and other stuff to try to be like an adult not a little kid



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