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Gift Ideas Girls 12 To 18
and get 1 with video so we can put twilight on there and watch robert pattinson wenever we want:)

Gift Ideas Girls 12 To 18
all girls want one to listen to tunes and play games they r so fun or just a good capacity ipod not 4GB but anything above that...we carry a lot of tunes

Gift Ideas Girls 12 To 18

Gift Ideas 16th Birthday
well my sister is simple and she turned sixteen over summer, and what she really wanted was a camera (her other one broke) so a camera would be a good idea so they can take pictures with friends and always hav the most up to date pictures on there facebook :)



View ProfileDana Alsoub-Peace, Love, Gymnastics!!!
hey girly!!! i'm gonna get you a necklace for your b-day!!! it'll be a special one! ; )

View ProfileDana Alsoub- peace, love and gymnastics!!!
omg!!! i saw the CUTEST dress today at!!! you have GOT to check it out. it's called the lizzy dress. i have that on my wishlist.... sooooooo CHECK IT OUT!!!! : )

View ProfileDana Alsoub- Peace, Love, Gymnastics!
ahhhh!!!!!!!! i got you the CUTEST key necklace from juicy couture today for your FUTURE B-day!!! it's not specifically the kind that you wanted but it looks almost like it!!! they were out of the kind that you wanted but oh well! it sooo cute! And it's REAL silver! well, T.T.Y.L.

View ProfileDana Alsoub- Peace, Love, Gymnastics!!!!
I know!!! i love Abercrombie's dresses!!! i love eeverything that they have, but they do have some things that are like waaayyyy tooo expensive!! like a casual belt is 50.00 and you can get it at like walmart orf something for 15.00!!! sort of a rip off...... but oh well! i still spend my money there like crazy cuz for some reason their logo shirts are a must have for me. by the way, my birthday is March 13!!! and im gonna have another crazy sleepover and i'm gonna have everyone that i invited last time except for kaitlyn and morgan......(if i invite morgan this year then you might have to go to the ER lol!) aaaaanywaaayyyssss, your b-day is january 21st, right??? dont you just feel SO lucky that your number is now 21!!! haha! well luv ya, T.T.Y.L.

View Profileryely mcg
haha yeah thats my bday and people were bleeding last time!!!!! :) 1 of the craziest sleepovers ive been to, ill tell u that :)

View ProfileDana Alsoub~Peace,Love,Gymnastics!!!!
haha!!! I'm planning on inviting: you, patty, janie, jenna, hannah, ashley, shelby, and a few other people. not allison. she's getting annoying........

View Profileryely mcg
hannah?? who wait! from chorus??

View Profileryely mcg
and ashley who??? vance?? if thats how u spell it??

View ProfileDana Alsoub~Peace, Love, Gymnastics!!!
yes, ashley vance. and BOTH hannahs'. hannah hewett and hannah....?????.... the one in chorus... : )

View Profileryely mcg

View ProfileAlix
That going for your birthday

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