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hi i've got some wishlists for certain occasions
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Gift Ideas Thank You Presents
MAKE A HUGE CARD! and finish it off with a box of chocolates and spoil them with there favourite drink

Gift Ideas Valentines Day
red roses (get there early), cadbury roses chocolates, bottle of wine, get cute cards. If you live with them you can cook something special or invite them over. you can have dinner on a beach or something- it is totally up to you

Gift Ideas Girls
when i was seven i wanted 'themed' stuff: because I was a major harry potter fan. so, choose there favourite movie/tv show/book/play/musical/theme that has merchandise. EG: FAIRY PARTY. You can get books, stickers and figurines and even barbie themed Make sure that it isn't something that would exploit them to unsuitable stuff. Try a one piece swimming costume- speedos are great. go for there favourite colour- say pink. Try googles and underwater fun- it can make things really pip up. Take them to maccas for there birthday with some of there friends and you can arrange a big maccas cake- it is still very cheap and will not cost much. Also, try a lockable diary- they would be encouraged to write. Kids that age want 'wants' not 'needs', because birthdays are like a treat. don't use lines that 'will it make you a better person' or 'will it get you to heaven' that would really annoy them so try to make it a treat. Find an interest, pop into the nearest toy shop and they can help you.



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Hi Madeleine! Just popped into your page to say hello!

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