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Hi I'm a simple girl and I was born on July 23 1999 I live at 254 Marconi Blvd unit 30 London Ontario Canada n5v 3y6 . If a stranger talks bout me it's either she s so depressed or why dose she not like talking to ppl. But if u ask my friends they'll say seems depress but will talk when ready. I try to block out my parents cuz sometimes they forget bout me or don't want me.
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Genie plz I beg out oof kindness in my heart plz grant my main desire of having fairies that will grant my every wishes genie can u plz make my wish come true by 10 tonight Canadian time

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Please make my wish happen by tonightPlease make my wish happen by tonight

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Hi Genie I always had this whish about gettinf airies that will grant my every wish and I was really hopping with al l my heart that u could grant my only whish I had science I wads 5



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