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An important part of gift giving is personalization and uniqueness. Gift giving is a way of expressing love, thanks and appreciation, so it is no surprise that people what to give unique gifts. That is why Today I Wish, the online community for wish lists and gift giving, has compiled this list of unique gift idea for all sorts of special occasions. From birthdays and Christmas to anniversaries, here is a collection of unique gift ideas to inspire your giving.

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Unique Gifts

Personalized Jewellry
A person's jewellry is always unique to them, so why not give them something special that highlights who they are. Consider an engraved ring, a broach that brings them memories, a bracelet or necklace that highlights their features Talk to your local jeweller for unique ideas to see if they have something unusual. For different gifts, venture into the boutique stores in town to see what treasures they have.

Eco-friendly and healthy for the planet
How about something that gives a little for our earth as well as for our loved one? There is a growing market for eco-friendly products. Find something made from recycled material, like a hand bag, lantern or serving dish. If they have a green touch, give unique gifts for the garden, such as seedlings, compost bin, weeder, watering can, gloves or spade. For the time poor, money rich, why not help out in their garden for an afternoon and give them a gift they will enjoy for months.

Food and drinks with a special twist
Though chocolate is a great fall back gift, food can still be one of the most unique gifts of all. Source something different - a taste they will enjoy but have not had before. Is there a region near you that have special olive oils, fruits, nuts or wines that they may enjoy? A nice looking selection of spices may do the trick or a cook book on how to use them in new and more interesting ways. Visit your local delicatessen or gourmet food store and enquire about exotic gifts for your friends. Roasted coffee, Turkish delights and extra dark chocolate isn't just original, it is also a highly delicious idea.

Art is not just personal, it's universal
Think very hard about what they inspire in you. They will probably see that in themselves or appreciate that aspect of humankind. Find art work that speaks this to you and make it a unique gift for them. A painting that can not be captured by language, a poem that moves you to tears, a sculpture that whispers to the soul. A perfect unique gift idea for those who have everything or an art lover.

Unique books, rare books
Is there a period of time they love in history? Are they obsessed with a sports star, politician or artist? There are more books than people in this world, so it shouldn't be hard to find a different book that they will enjoy. For the romantic, find an old, specially bound book of poetry or classic adventure. Search for signed books, or for something extra special, a draft that was never officially published. If you have nine months to spare, why not write your own?

Looking for ideas on topics for unique or rare books? Try some of these:

  • Historical: The landing on the moon, the sieze of Troy, ancient civilizations, history of religion.
  • Artistic: Great composers, the unique works of Leonardo Da Vinci, architecture.
  • Inspiring: How to win friends and influence people, self help, religion, autobiography.
  • Intellectual: Great scientific discoveries, politics, economics, war time strategy, mathematics.
  • Poetic: Purple tree, lion shakes, I awaken...

Unique experiences

Gifts don't always have to be wrappable. Some of the most memorable gifts take up no space except for pages in a photo album. This year, why not give a unique experience as a gift. In this section, find out more about giving an experience they will remember for a life time. Here are a few unique gift ideas that involve experiences.

A different meal
We have all been out to dinner for a birthday, though they are usually forgotten after a while. The trick with a unique dinner experience is to pick something out of the ordinary. Maybe they haven't been to a real Mexican restaurant or teppanyaki. Is there a restaurant in your city on the top floor of a very high restaurant. How about one that floats on the river or harbor. It is important to choose a place that they have never been before. If there are few options in your town and you have to visit a regular place, arrange something special with the wait staff before hand life a cake or special bottle of Champagne.

Picnic under the stars
A special dinner does not have to be in a restaurant. If the weather and climate permits, try having a nice dinner under the stars. Outdoor picnics are very simple to set up if you plan correctly. The main considerations are location (watch out for wind if you are going to be by the coast as evenings can be less gentle than the middle of the day), lighting and transportation of your goods. It is best to have a friend help you if you can. If it is too difficult, try it closer to home in a park or your own back garden. Remember to bring hurricane lanterns for a proper outdoors / romantic affect.

Hot air balloon
For an incredible experience and highly unique gift, try getting your hands on tickets for a hot air balloon ride. Most cities have companies that run them for the majority of the year and usually are not too far away. Hot air balloon rides will typically start before dawn, so make sure the receiver isn't too much of a sleepy head. These experiences take planning so ensure that you book well in advance.

Plane ride
A unique gift idea for someone who has everything is a plane ride. Don't get us wrong, we are not talking about a 747, we suggest an old war plane. The world is dotted with small airfields with plenty of enthusiasts wishing to take those who will pay up in their planes so take the opportunity now. It is a truly unforgettable experience to ride through the clouds and see your home town from the sky. Warning: This gift is not for the feint hearted.

Racing car ride
Married to a petrol head? Know someone with a lead foot? See if your local racing track allows you to take rides in their racing cars. Imagine them speeding around the race track in a V8. If this is not possible or too expensive, look for a professional go-cart track in your area. There may be an indoor facility that you never knew existed.

Local tourist treasures
Every city has the tourist traps at the locals avoid. However the locals will usually avoid a lot of the tourist treasures as well. Take a look through your local tourist guide and see if there are any things in your area you haven't tried yet. Is there a ghost tour, a bridge to climb or a miniature garden? There may be historic houses and farms, river tours and bush walks near by. There may be hidden gems that are perfect for that special experience so do a little local research to find a truly unique experience.

And now, over to you. What are unique gift ideas you have? Share them below.

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