Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

There are certainly too many unique gift ideas to list on one page, so when you're done, pop over to our gift ideas page and find gift ideas by age group. This section outlines unique birthday gift ideas that will set you in the right track. When finding unique birthday gifts, it pays to spend some time to really think about the person you are finding the gift for. What do they really like doing? Is there a side to them they don't show to others? People are often into hobbies and interests they may not always talk about, so get to know these things and find a birthady gift that reflects their unique interests.

Unique Birthday Gifts for her

Acts of service
Instead of buying something, do something for her. Give her a gift that money can not buy. These include cleaning her house, writing her a poem or personalized story, looking after her children for the day or a special outing. A special experience on her birthday will always be remembered. Take her on a cruise, to a restaurant she has always wanted to go to or a drive in the country to visit some vineyards. Do you know of any markets that sell odd or different things? Jump in the car one weekend and take her along - give her a unique birthday to remember.

Memory lane
Why not give her something unique about her name or when she was born. Get a special printing of your cities major paper for the day she was born. Find out her (maiden) family name's meaning and coat of arms. Find a set of photos from her childhood and place in a multi-windowed frame. Check out the local markets for an artist who may convert an old photo into a sketch. These are just a few unique birthday gift ideas for women. For more ideas, see our female gift ideas.

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Unique Birthday Gifts for him

Enjoy life
Let him eat and be merry! A personalized chocolate bar, wine bottle or beer bottle (if he is old enough) could be the perfect unique birthday gift idea for him. Treat him to a dinner on a cruise on your harbour / river / lake. Find a selection of unique boutique beers. Guys love hanging out with the boys, so organize a fishing trip or camping trip. If this isn't his thing, consider a road trip to a place he has never been to before. It doesn't have to be an expensive trip away, just some place he can relax and enjoy his birthday. All these are just a few of the unique birthday gifts you can find for him.

Practical yet special
Today I Wish is the home of gift giving and gift ideas. Find gifts he really needs in our male gift ideas section. We have broken down the gift ideas by age group and special birthday, so you are bound to find unique treasures for him. Today I Wish is also a wish list site, so if his birthday is not for some time, ask him to make a wish list. He can list his favorite music artists, authors, the things money can't buy and gifts he really wishes for. Men may not always like shopping, but they always love gifts, so get him to write a wish list and look through our gift ideas for males.

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