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Gift Ideas for a Taurus

21 April - 21 May

Symbol - Bull
Element - Earth
Planetary Ruler - Venus
Colour - Pastels: pale blue, green, pink
Stone - Emerald

Gift Suggestions for a Taurean

Taureans are fond of good food. They are warm-hearted and enjoy entertaining friends especially if it involves a meal with good wine or beer. A dinner at their favourite restaurant with old friends, a family get-together over Sunday lunch, or a BBQ with neighbours are all good ways to celebrate being a Taurean. Fine wine, a home baked apple pie or blueberry tart, BBQ condiments (honey mustard, quince paste, chutneys, olive tamponade, good sesame or olive oil, herbed vinegar) and a packet of their preferred coffee beans all make excellent gifts. Taureans do like a predictable life so if you want them to try a food that is new and exotic try popping it into a small hamper with some of the foods you know they like.

Taureans are ruled by Venus. A successful relationship is extremely important to a Taurean. Once they have considered a relationship from every angle and come to make a commitment they can be the most dedicated and generous of lovers. Gifts that acknowledge this devotion include jewellery, flowers and decorative mementos. Emerald stud, signet ring, cuff links, gold chain, watch, pendant, anklet or earrings are gifts that endure. Taureans love possessions that bring comfort and beauty to their home. A memento of your love could be a gold framed mirror, an artwork that you both admire, an inspirational book or a framed enlarged photograph of you both together.

Taureans are organised and ambitious. Their steady methodical approach makes them good workers. Help them along with quality working gear. A Notebook, Blackberry, or stylish computer bag would be wonderful if your finances permit. Otherwise think of desk accessories like a pen, mouse pad, frame for photos, stacking trays, desk lamp, calculator or diary.

Taureans love their physical comforts. The Taurean man or woman often knows what they like so suggest that they make a wish list at They will enjoy the sense of emotional security that comes from being asked about themselves and from knowing that family and friends have taken the time to find out what they really want. Gifts that indulge their love of comfort might include Ugh boots for cold winter nights, fluffy bath robe, thick woollen socks, opaque stockings or leggings for the Taurean female, fleecy track suit or sweater. In warmer climates a t-shirt, crocs, sandals, or shorts/jeans make comfort loving Taurean men and women happy.

Inside every Taurean is a raging Bull. Just because Taureans are good at keeping traditions and have gritty persistence does not mean that they want to spend their lives on a treadmill. Think outside the square for this one. How about a weekend away walking in green pastures. Or finals tickets for the football or baseball season. Or indulge their musical side with tickets to a rock or classical concert. And then there is always karaoke - Taureans love to be the centre of attention every now and then!

The Taurean Child

The Taurean child is born with a love of physical comfort. Warm clothes for the winter or cold, loose cotton clothes for the summer make good presents for the very young. A musical mobile, play centre with bells or chiming ball will stimulate the Taurean baby's natural appreciation of music. A Wiggles CD to play and sing along to in the car is a great gift.

As the Taurean child grows he or she will enjoy team sports and this should be encouraged, as Taureans gain self confidence from interacting with others. Bats, balls, sports clothing all further this end.

The Taurean child's love of possessions means that they will value gifts such as a bicycle, CD/DVD player, mobile phone, new bedroom accessories and musical instruments. However their love of possessions can turn to possessiveness so make sure that they have things to share with others such as interactive computer games, board games, table tennis, or a badminton set.

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Here are some ideas others shared with us

Dawit muluye
i am cancer can i married a tauruse one

Xavier Smith
I believe any relationship is possible. The question is, how much are you willing to change to make it work.

Obinna nwokocha
Am a taurus,and yes you are right about the taurus gifts

Susanna Le
Cancer is a water sign, Taurus is an Earth sign........ Earth signs are Water signs are always a good match just like Fire signs and Air signs. Example: Aquarius is an air sign, Leo is a fire sign. They are a best match..... For Cancer, your best match is Capricorn :) but Taurus is a good match :)

Susanna Le
Cancer is a water sign, Taurus is an Earth sign........ Earth signs and Water signs are always a good match just like Fire signs and Air signs. Example: Aquarius is an air sign, Leo is a fire sign. They are a best match..... For Cancer, your best match is Capricorn :) but Taurus is a good match :)

I am a cancer and i dont ever see myself with a capricorn!!!!!!

I couriered an old fashioned Birthday Card to my Taurus guy on his b'day and then later I gave him a quotation stand which he cud keep at his workplace. He likes things which are practical with an emotional value too. It takes lot of thinking, but the smile it brings out is worth taking the pain :)

Umm ur wayyy off cancer and cap.. Lol def not a good match at all and neither is taurus and cancer sorry. Leos best match is aries not aquarius. And if u knew anything about taurus ude know they always go for fire signs they cnt resist them even though its not their most compatable match. U might wanna look up more about astrology. Taurus men loves a good home cooked meal anything expensive that suits their taste and cozy homey comforts. Pretty easy. Good luck ;) ps. I'm an aries with a taurus man( david n victoria beckham same signs)

Miss Jade - you are supposed to be with another Cancer, Taurus, Virgo, or Pisces. Capricorn is too far away from your zodiac sign to have much in common.

Taurus loves a comfortable cozy environment and home cooked meals,Which means cancer is a sure match.I'm a Cancer female with a Taurus.
Taurus loves food , the food is a best gift of taurus

You all need to do your homework because I am a cancer woman with a taurus man and we are a perfect match. We compliment each other wonderfully, where one is weak the other is strong. Cancers love security and there is no one more perfect for providing that than the bull. The cancer also makes taurus feel needed, wanted and appreciated which they love. We both have the same love for being at home and loving it. Earth needs water to feed and grow healthy loving plants and vegetation. Which feed us and provide us with the oxygen we need to breath. I think a perfect gift for a taurus is anything to do with gardening or plants or flowers. I haven't met one yet that didn't love gardening or being in nature.

Well I am a Cancer and I am soooooooooo into this Taurus guy we have been talking for 3 months just getting to know each other but. I wantssssssssss him lol he is so sweet and a very hard working man and a good dad. I am getting him a card and writing him a letter for right now. I didnt even think about the gift card for FOOOOOOOOOOOD LOL. His favorite food freaking Chicken so I call him Nugget lol and he calls me Small Fry from the looks of things I think he likes me. But with a Taurus Man who really knows lol. But yeah I am going to keep it simple I can always get him something for Fathers Day.

Taurus men just love to be at peace and not making a big deal out of everything keeps them calm.cook ,clean and never push his friends away
nice gift socks,boxers,pay for his haircut and a simple cake

am a taurus, i met a taurus man online who can't stop calling or chatting me, he's stubborn likewise myself, he's been askin me out for over a year now yet i keep turning him down though i like him secretly. He so much appreciated just a facebook happy-birthday message, he felt like i gave him d world, he doesn't wanna let go so i think i'll accept him coz i like him a whole lot but. He is cool and calm and won't just stop waiting for me to say yes. He loves to be admired and complimented, full of pride but rarely shows it... OMG!

I am a Virgo , can I marry a Taurus guy?

how are any of these above comments about gifts for a Taurus ???? who cares about your relationship with one. you only know yourself if you are happy. not what others tell you about your relationship....... -_-

Would perfume be a great gift for my Taurus?

I am a sag lady in luv wit a taurus guy, we hit heads lik 40 percent of d tym bt d rest 60 percent is awesome n steady which i like. A taurus man wil appreciate simple bt classic gifts, if u r financially ok buy him quality tins dt r simple in design bt wil lasr fr a long tym. Fr instance quality shirts or wristwatch, t shirts, sweaters, n ohhh, they luv perfumes too.

just study your Taurus guy.... my is a proud guy and likes classy and expensive gifts

just study your Taurus guy.... my is a proud guy and likes classy and expensive gifts

I am gonna be 12 tomorrow and looking for birthday idea's at the last minute...I'm a Taurus but I'm not organized what so ever lol

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