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Gift Ideas for a Sagittarius

23 November - 21 December

Symbol - Archer, Centaur
Element - Fire
Planetary Ruler - Jupiter
Colour - Purple, dark blue
Stone - Topaz, turquoise

Gift suggestions for Sagittarius

The native Sagittarian is an extrovert with boundless self-confidence and optimism. They have a good humoured approach to life which brings them resilience and good luck. Celebrate this engaging quality with gifts such as dinner with friends, a hot air ballooning or white water rafting expedition, a day of deep sea fishing, a ten pin bowling session with the family or drinks at a karaoke bar. A comedy movie DVD, boxed set of their favourite TV sitcom or book of jokes will play to their great sense of humour.

Sagittarians love a challenge. They are versatile, impulsive people who thrive on change. Think of gifts that introduce them to something new. Perhaps a toolset, art materials such as a watercolour/brush set, language or piano lessons, or cooking classes/recipe book/fondue set. Don't expect your gift to capture their attention for long. Sagittarians move from one interest to another quickly. So persuade them to update their wish list every few months.

Sagittarians mental dexterity and enthusiasm for change lead them to enjoy intellectual pursuits. The latest best-seller non-fiction book, a novel written by a Nobel laureate, a sodoku collection, magazine subscription, IT supplies (computer, computer desk, chair, software, memory stick) are all gifts that would make a smart Sagittarian happy. Keep in mind that Sagittarians are comfortable with the unconventional and might appreciate science fiction, new music bands, modern art and funky clothing.

Travel supplies make useful gifts for the Sagittarian. A passport wallet, carry-on bag, backpack, ticket, guide book or atlas will help your freedom-loving Sagittarian explore the world

The Sagittarian Child

Our baby Sagittarius is a happy boisterous little mite that uses its prodigious supply of energy making noise and getting into everything. Baby Sagittarius would like to bang on a drum, shake a rattle, squeeze a rubber duckie, bob along to a Wiggles CD or crawl around pushing a toy car or train.

The growing Sagittarian child is no less charged with energy. You can encourage them to focus their enthusiasm by playing a team sport or learning to play a musical instrument. Challenge is essential but achievement is optional for many Sagittarian children due to a short attention span. So encourage their language and motor skills by having a variety of games and books to capture their interest. Take the time to acknowledge and praise a task completed. Gifts that should interest a boisterous Sagittarian child include a football, basketball and hoop, skipping rope, hula hoop, karaoke mike, tambourine, anything with wheels, sleeping bag for sleep-overs, archery set, table tennis table and bats, computer games/Playstation.

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