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Presents for Ponies and Horses

Few of us are lucky enough to have the money and space to keep our own horse. Fortunately for the rest of us there are pony clubs and riding schools located in many urban areas. Our list of treats for horses is limited by the simplicity of a horse's life. A bag of fresh hay, a paddock of fresh grass, a good brush down and hoof clean, perhaps a horse blanket or cosy shed for the winter, and our horse is happy.

For the horse rider, however, the list of gifts is endless. Start with saddle, bridle and other accessories, rugs, stable equipment and grooming tools. Then there are breeches, jodhpurs, boots, hats, muck boots, jackets, and gloves. If they have all of that, there are books, CDs and DVDs about horses. As a special treat you could organise a weekend away trail riding in the mountains.

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