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Presents for Mice, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits and Ferrets.

These animals are all inexpensive, cute, furry, active and make good pets. With the exception of rabbits they all need to be securely caged. They all need careful handling when young, particularly by children as they may nip and bite without warning.

Presents to spoil your cute furry little pet:
  • Toys for exercise and entertainment: Your furry friend likes to chew on things so watch out for electrical cords and your children's soft toys. Give your pet long tubes to run through, balls to push around and activity stations to exercise on.
  • Trip out: " Mice, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters are easy to take visiting. Rabbits and Ferrets less so, but will behave if trained. Think of a secure crate or small cage so that you can give them a change of scenery now and again.
  • Treats: Every animal has its favourite foods. Talk to your vet or pet shop and try new treats now and again.

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