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Presents for Fish

There are fish to suit every budget and level of commitment. From a goldfish in a bowl to an aquarium filled with tropical specimens, fish are a joy to have around. There is no emotional bond evident between fish and their carers so love tends to be a one way street with this pet. Their beautiful colours, graceful movements and undemanding, quiet self sufficiency is their great attraction.

Presents for Fish:
  • Home décor: Fish are dependent on their carers for a comfortable and stimulating environment. Weed, coral, stones, and other compatible fish species will make for a happy home life.
  • Clean clear water: Well filtrated and oxygenated water is vital for fish good health. Your local pet/aquarium can guide you on this subject. Different fish have specific requirements.
  • Pond fish have the same need for clean water so think about filtration and oxygenation when planning your pond. Weed and plants like lotus are excellent cover to give small fish security from predators like cats and birds. However fish like Koi see anything, especially plants, as food, so check with your fish supplier to see what to grow in your pond.

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Bruce Allen Conley
I need the aquarium tank with all kinds of types of fish, -- for Christmas.

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