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Presents for Dogs

Dogs: If you are looking for unconditional love, buy a dog. Dogs bring companionship, good health and fun to people of all ages. They come in a huge variety of sizes and temperament so it's possible to match a dog to a person's lifestyle. You might consider an active dog such as a beagle for a growing family that has time for playing fetch and going for long walks. A person of limited mobility might find a small terrier more suitable. Also consider buying two dogs if it's likely that the dog is to be left alone all day while its owners are at work. This will minimize boredom and neurotic behaviour in your dog.

A can of dog food, a tummy rub and a long walk would be top of the list for most dogs, but here are some more ideas for when you want to spoil a pet:

Presents for Dogs:
  • A food bowl and drink bowl: Your pooch will be more interested in what you put inside his new bowl so also think of Dog Treats now and then. A portable water dispenser would be good for walks on hot days.
  • A dog house: Make sure it's big enough for when that pup has grown. Don't forget a pet rug and mattress for comfort.
  • A dog bed: These come in many shapes and sizes for inside and outside.
  • Apparel: Think raincoats, sweaters, singlets. Not necessary in warm climates but good protection in the cold.
  • Dog collar: A necessity for just about every dog. The choice is endless and they can be matched to leads for the more stylish amongst us. Don't forget the dog tag with name and phone number. You can even add a charm.
  • Carry crate for travel: Newer designs are softer and less confining. Check them out at your local pet shop or online.
  • Dog toys: Squeaky plastic shapes are a big favourite. Dogs will gleefully chase a stick or ball that has been thrown for them but they also need amusement when you are not there.
  • Music and warmth: Especially important for dogs who live in apartments and are left alone often. Leaving the TV on a low volume, a DVD of a burning log fire, Mood music playing softly from a CD player, an oil heater left on a low setting, even just a hot water bottle for their bed. These things will all make the time pass more easily for your pet.
  • Nutritional supplements, vitamins, flea treatments: Check with your local vet or pet shop. Dogs have specific needs according to diet, breed and age.
  • Beauty Aids: Bottom of the gift list for dogs, top of the gift list for the people they live with. Your pet shop will have a selection of shampoos, conditioners, even colognes. Many dogs suffer from eczema, so if they are scratching excessively or biting at their skin ensure that their shampoo is not too drying. A dog bath/ shower hose attachment and hair dryer are also useful accessories.

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