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Presents for Cats

Cats are great companions. They adopted humans into their social group eons ago and over thousands of years have learnt to communicate and show affection to the right people. Cats love their own space. They will amuse themselves for hours and then come looking for petting and conversation. Cats are not for everyone, but they can be the perfect gift.

Presents for Cats:
  • A Cat Cave: Cats crave warmth, so a soft, padded bed of their own is great for when they are not on top of yours.
  • Scratch pole: Cats love to climb and to shred furry fabrics. A scratch pole is perfect for this and may save your precious furniture.
  • Cat food and water bowls: Cats are essentially meat eaters although some carbohydrate is often added to prepared cat food. It is good idea to get kittens used to a variety of different meats early on. If they become fussy eaters they will need vitamin supplements.
  • Cat Collar: Show off your cat's individual style with a fun or funky cat collar. A bell is an excellent addition, especially if your cat leaves the house unsupervised. Your cat is a natural hunter and a bell gives other small creatures a fighting chance. Collars can also be decorated with charms, tags and beading.
  • Cat toys: Cats will be endlessly amused by a piece of string especially if you snake it across the floor. Your pet shop will have a range of play stations for cats complete with bells and balls. Cats are particularly fond of chasing a moving target so anything chewable that rolls would be good.
  • Cats carry case: For visiting friends or going to the vet modern carry crates are comfortable and keep your cat safe.
  • Cats' cosmetics: Although cats constantly lick and groom themselves they also need a shampoo and blow dry occasionally. Long fur needs unknoting and perhaps a trim. Cat allergy in susceptible people can be minimised by regular washing of your cat. So think of accessories like shampoo, conditioner, brush, comb, hair dryer, plastic bath and cat towel. Cats hate cold water so make it a warm bath.
  • Cat housekeeping: Lint cleaners for the carpet and furniture, a decorative spot for kitty litter, a pot of catnip for the balcony, a sunny window sill cleared of nick knacks for a day time snooze.
  • Cat medicine: Nutritional supplements, flea medications, parasite protection are all necessary now and then. Good health is the best of gifts.

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Yvonne king
Cat food cat litter. Cat toys and cat post for my two kittens I dont have much money. Too get everything I need for my babies
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Yvonne king
Cat food cat litter. Cat toys and cat post for my two kittens I dont have much money. Too get everything I need for my babies and shots for my babies am on fixed income. But these are my babies
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Beena Mathew
Catit Cabrio Pet Carrier - White/Grey/Orange - Catit Design Cabrio Multi-Functional Carrier System for cats and toy breed dogs combines superior safety features with ease of use for five-star pet accommodations on the go.
Meeting airline regulations, the Catit Design Cabrio is the perfect choice for your air travel needs. Ideal for those necessary vet visits when the pet is highly stressed, the Catit Design Cabrio has innovative features including its Opening Top Hatch which allows you to place and remove your pet from the carrier with ease.
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