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Presents for Birds

These surprisingly intelligent creatures may not be soft and cuddly but they make wonderful friends for people who don't mind a bit of chirping. Birds are low maintenance pets. They need water and food topped up, their cage cleaned out and the odd squirt of lice powder but all this could be done by even the frail or infirm. And in return you get someone who listens to everything you say and appreciates your singing and whistling, no matter how off key it is.

Some people would love to keep birds but would rather see their birds roaming free. They may like a dovecot for their garden, or a bird bath on a plinth, or a bird feeder to hang from a tree. In this way they will have wild birds as companions. In many parts of the world small birds have all but vanished from urban areas due to predators like cats, foxes, rats and larger birds. The birds that are sold for pets are often exotic species that are especially bred for this purpose. When they escape into the wild they rarely survive for long. For these birds a cage is all they have known.

Presents for Birds:
  • A larger cage: Birds can live happily in a small cage but they do enjoy flying So look for the largest bird cage that has bars close enough to keep your pet safe and confined. Some birds, such as Cockatiels, can be let out of their cages for long periods. They will be tempted to escape into the wild so do this with caution.
  • Toys: Birds have amazing intelligence for creatures with such small brains. So give them activities to stop them from becoming bored and neurotic. A mirror, ball filled with beads, tinkling bell, climbing ladder, climbing wheel, or other bird toy will keep them occupied.
  • Nesting Box: In a large cage or Avery birds like to have a small area of privacy even if they are not intending to breed. Ask at your pet shop and they can advise you on the appropriate size for your bird. If your cage is small make use a thick cloth to cover the cage at night to give your pet a sense of security.
  • Perches of different sizes: Many birds depend on gripping for foot strength. Giving them different sized perches like a swing or a sturdy twig will exercise their feet and give them something to peck at.
  • Birds love music: Their hearing is acute so it does not have to be loud. I have seen parrots swaying and chirping excitedly while listening to their favourite "Rainforest" music that has a recording of birdsong in the background.
  • Foot treats: Ask your pet shop about the dietary requirements of your bird. Just because a bird is able to have vegetables it does not mean that he will eat broccoli. Experiment with suitable foods and see what your bird prefers.

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