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Gift Ideas for a Pisces

19 February - 20 March

Symbol - Fish
Element - Water
Planetary Ruler - Neptune
Colour - Sea green
Stone - moonstone, bloodstone, aquamarine

Gift Suggestions for a Piscean

Pisceans are imaginative, sensitive people who are intuitive to the needs of others. They are often overwhelmed by their emotions and develop a romantic, sentimental view of their life and loves. Gifts that suit this poet of the Zodiac include jewellery (try moonstone earrings or bloodstone cufflinks), a bouquet of lilac in season, a family heirloom watch or fob chain, a romantic movie, a CD of love songs, a classic novel or special decorative piece that you have carefully chosen (think of artwork, a glass paperweight, a pen, a framed photo).

Piscean's tender emotions and gifted imagination lead them to escape reality by day dreaming and wishful thinking. They are extremely creative and this characteristic can become their strength in dealing with the challenges of an often cruel world. Think of giving your Piscean a gift that complements their creativity. An easel or blank canvas for the aspiring artist, a dictionary or thesaurus for the aspiring author, an apron, set of knives or recipe book for the aspiring cook, plane or jig saw for the aspiring woodworker. Ask them to make a wish list. Pisceans are notoriously shy of revealing their creative side and you may not even be aware that they have one.

The Piscean Child

The Piscean baby is usually a happy little water sprite who will love play time in the bath. Gifts to make a Piscean fingerling happy include a sturdy sea green bath, squeaky bath toys, a set of small buckets, a sponge, baby soaps and oils, or a fluffy towel. Bubble bath is fun too but should only be an occasional treat as Piscean skin can be delicate.

The growing Piscean child will astound you with their imaginative explanations for everything from why they have not done their homework to why they can't eat their greens. This imagination will be a great help in later life so channel it into arts, crafts and imaginative play. A construction set (Lego, Meccano), watercolour paint set, model making kit in plaster or balsa wood, jewellery making set or origami book make a good start on a hobby. Dolls, doll house, action man figures, cubby house, tree house, and model kitchen all help to stimulate interactive creative play.

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