Gift Ideas for Males

Today I Wish has gift ideas for males of all ages, from boys to men. We have conveniently broken his sections up into pages based on age group and special birthdays. For boys under 18, see 'Boys'. For 18 to 21, see 'Young Men'. For those over 21, see 'Men'. Each page provides plenty of ideas to help you find presents for the boys and men you care about.


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Baby Gift Ideas for Babies
Tiny Tots aged 1-5 Gift Ideas for Tiny Tots
Boys aged 5-12 Gift Ideas for Boys aged 5-12
Boys aged 12-18 Gift Ideas for Boys aged 12-18
Young Men

Boy's 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys 18th Birthday
Boys aged 18-21 Gift Ideas for Boys aged 18-21
Boy's 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys 21st Birthday

Men aged 21-40 Gift Ideas for Men aged 21-40
Men's 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for a mans 30th birthday
Men aged 40-60 Gift Ideas for Men aged 21-40
Men aged 60-70 Gift Ideas for Men aged 60-70
Men and Women over 80 Gift Ideas for Men and Women over 80
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Find Gift Ideas for Males

This year, find a special gift for boys and men from the gift ideas section at Today I Wish. From babies and boys to fully grown men, the Genie has gift ideas for all age groups. Once you've gone through the appropriate sections, try our new unique gift ideas guide to add a special touch to your gifts. As a wish list site, we know how difficult it can be to find presents for people who have not make a wish list. Therefore we urge you to ask him to make a wish list at Today I Wish. Not only will this help you find things they need but it will also help them get the gifts they want.

For those that have to do it without a wish list, or those men looking to add extra items to their wish lists, this section will help you find what you need. We provide gift ideas for young boys, teenages, major birthdays like 18th birthdays and 21st birthdays, as well as old men. Remember to book mark this page and the gift ideas pages so you can quickly find gift ideas each time you have a birthday coming up. Come Christmas, you'll be getting the finest gifts for your family and friends. So take a look through our presents suggestions and be inspired.

Gift ideas for boys

It is much easier to find gifts for boys when you have a helping a list to guide you. Here are our sections on gift ideas for boys.

Baby - Baby Shower and baby's first year.
Tiny Tots aged 1-5 - Children bursting with energy and curiosity.
Boys aged 5-12 - Boys who are starting school and beginning to play organized sports.
Boys aged 12-18 - Gift Ideas for teenage boys focusing on different ages.

Gift ideas for young men

As a boys starts to enter adult life, it becomes important to mark the occasion with gifts that celebrate his unique personality and who he really is. The Genie as taken special care in producing the finest collection of ideas for a young men, especially when he reaches important birthdays. Here are the Genie's pages of gift ideas for young men.

Boy's 18th Birthday - Something special on a very important day for a teenager.
Boys aged 18-21 - Gifts for a boys adapting to adult life.
Boy's 21st Birthday - Fine gifts for a young man's biggest party.

Gift ideas for a man

A man lives a busy life and sometimes it is difficult to get him to spend time on a wish list. He will often feel like work, play and family will consume all his time. Help him find the balance in his life by spending time on a wish list. These gifts are designed for men at different stages of their adult life.

Men aged 21-40 - Find a present to please a young busy man.
Men aged 40-60 - Gifts that are stylish and creative.
Men aged 60-70 - Special gifts for over 60s and over 70s that will be appreciated.
Men and women over 80 - Comprehensive guide to men and women over 80.

Don't worry too much if you can't find exactly what you are looking for immediately. Please ensure that you take your time to go through all the sections in Today I Wish's gift ideas. You never know what you'll find. For example, you may be inspired by our unique gifts section or thank you presents pages. Bare in mind that the Genie has spent thousands of years granting wishes to strangers, so why not take your time to research the right gift for boys and men.

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