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Gift Ideas for a Leo

23 July - 23 August

Symbol - Lion
Element - Fire
Planetary Ruler - the Sun
Colour - Flame, Gold
Stone - Ruby

Gift Ideas for a Leo

Leos have infectious vitality. Their sunny dispositions radiate energy to everyone around them. They enjoy the limelight and their natural place is at the head of the queue. Leos like gifts that help them stand out from the crowd. Stylish travel bag, good quality leather wallet and matching card case, assertive business tie, gold and ruby cuff links, signet ring or bracelet would all suit the Leo in banking, finance and IT management. Leos in trades are just as keen to create in style. A leather tool belt, a tool box, blackberry or mobile are indispensable in the building trade. IT programmers are often happiest in a snazzy T-shirt and fashionable jeans. No matter what the career path Leos like to be leaders.

Leos are driven to create. They will work long hours to create a business, renovate their home, and create a strong loving family. Leos will maintain their interest indefinitely and will often return to a project that is unfinished. Gifts that feed their creative urge include tools for the home project, art materials for the painter, gardening implements for landscaping, utensils for the kitchen. Also think of resource books and videos for their chosen interest. Leos have a passion for organising so they will see the sense in making a Wish List. It makes your task so much easier.

Leos love centre stage. They have a natural sense of drama which attracts them to entertainment. Sheet music if they play an instrument, a video camera, a night out at a karaoke club, tickets to the theatre or opera might all interest a Leo.

Leos' drive and ambition can lead to over exhaustion and even burnout. So perhaps your gift could entice them to relax and take time out. How about a boxed set of favourite TV shows, or the latest best selling novel, or a night out for dinner and a movie. Exercise is a great stress burner so stylish exercise gear and sports equipment encourage the Leo to recharge their energy.

The Leo Child

The Leo Baby has a delightful disposition. He or she has an excess of natural energy and does not like to be confined. Give them lots of space once they are up and crawling. A gift of a toy on wheels (preferably with bells) will keep them interested as they roam about. Later on they will love a tricycle, bicycle, billycart, and toboggan.

The Leo child's nature can tend to the dogmatic so from an early age it is best to involve them in games that reward co-operation. Team sports such as baseball, basketball, cricket, football all nurture the 'give and take' essential to a well balanced individual. All these sports require uniforms and equipment that make excellent presents.

Activities that combine being creative with being the centre of attention are ideal for a Leo child. Lessons, clothes and equipment are needed for dancing, diving, ice skating, gymnastics and acting. All great presents.

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