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Looking for that perfect gift for a friend or relative?

Give better gifts

Check out our gift ideas Finding a perfect gift for a your friend or family member can be hard, especially if they have everything. It is even worse if you don't know them that well or don't know what they like. Today I Wish offers plenty of gift ideas to help you choose a perfect gift for someone. We have gift ideas for people of all ages, both girls and boys. We even have gift suggestions for engagement parties, weddings, thank you presents, mothers day, fathers day and saint valentines day.

Get them to write a wish list

Why not let them choose! Get your friends and family to set up their wish list on It is free to join and so easy to set up a wishlist that can be sent to anyone in the world. Just like wedding registries, people can tick off gifts when they buy them. This way they will not get the same gift twice. Today I Wish allows people to reserve items on a wish list, even if they seriously considering buying it, but haven't actually bought it yet. Today I Wish is so simple, yet so functional.

Make your wish list So get your friends to set up a wish list today. They can list their favorite colors and their clothes size, list information about their favorite music artists and authors, even tell people what they want that money can't buy. Today I Wish is not an affiliate site like every other wish list site out there. We are a site for wish lists and gift ideas. A good way to encourage someone to write a wish list is to make your own. When they see how easy it is to make a wish list and let everyone view it, they will want one too. Getting a friend to join Today I Wish means they will get gifts they actually want. Who doesn't want that for their friend?

Can I list items from the gift suggestion pages on a wish list?

Yes you can! We decided to start writing gift suggestions for Today I Wish to help inspire people for writing better wish lists. We also wanted people to be able to find more gift ideas if they couldn't find things they wanted to give on a person's wish list. Feel free to use items on the gift suggestions pages
in your Today I Wish wish list.