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Gift Ideas For a Wedding

We celebrate a new beginning. A man and woman joined in affection, committed to share the future together. We share their joy and love.

Gift Suggestions

Ask them to make a wish list at Even if they already have a Gift Register at one or more department stores they will find another wish list useful. Some of the most precious gifts are to be found in the 'What Money Can't Buy' section. And there are always the things you would like that are not found in a big store. They can add or delete gift ideas from time to time, and people can mark a gift as 'reserved' or 'bought'.

For their home:
  • Silverware: Was traditionally a favourite choice however many families are too busy to polish silver. . Pewter is a fine alternatve. High quality stainless steel is another good choice for the things that we want to last a lifetime. Think of cutlery, salad servers, water jug, vase, ice bucket, drinks tray, sushi tray, coasters, place mats,. It's hard to go past silver for a photo frame or candle sticks though, It looks good even when it tarnishes.
  • China: There is a limitless choice of beautiful table settings. Perhaps you could club together with some other friends or family to buy them a complete set in their favourite design (see Wish List). Or perhaps you could give them a set of bowls and chop sticks for eating Chinese and Japanese style food. Consider also a cake plate/stand, gravy boat, platter, bowl , teapot and tea set, salad bowl.
  • Glasswear: Glass bowls are practical but check to ensure they don't have a dozen already. Dessert bowls are perfect for fruit salads and serving dips. Do make sure the style is to their taste. Parfait glasses can be fun (give parfait spoons to match). Water tumblers are good. Wine and champagne glasses, decanter are appreciated by couples who enjoy fine wine. Then there are whisky glasses, cocktail glasses, shot glasses, port glasses, sherry glasses, martini glasses, hiball glasses.
  • Linen: The type of linen should be determined by climate and lifestyle. Fine cotton sheet sets are a favourite everywhere. Flanelette sheet sets are a blessing in the cold. Table runners, tablecloths, napkins, are not the necessities that they once were, but are still much appreciated (especially when you come to dinner). Towels (bath towels, hand towels, bath sheets, bath mat) are useful. If our couple don't have a passion for pink, choose a neutral colour or white.
  • Kitchen hardware: Good quality frypans and saucepans are a perfect present for couples who have not lived out of the family home before. If one or other of the couple have been flatting for years they may be well equipped already. Even so there is probably some cookware they are missing such as a double boiler, a wok or a good quality cast iron casserole dish. (?Wish list). And then there are misselaneous cooking utensils that will be giving good service for many years: knife block and knives, Stainless steel ladle, Cake knife, Tongs, decorative cake tins, baking dish, Thick wood cutting block, winerack.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Toaster, electric kettle, Blender, Mixer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Freezer, Electric Frypan, Rice Cooker, Electric knife, Juicer, Coffee percolator, Espresso Coffee maker, All wonderfully useful, but they only need one of each .Check the wish list or enclose the receipt so that they can exchange.
  • Laundry Appliances: Clothes washer, clothes dryer, iron, Clothes press. Again you would want to know if they already have one.
  • Bedroom furniture: Makes a great gift for those starting their first home. Needs to be bought in consultation with the bride and groom. Not the time for surprises. Blanket( wool, cotton ) , doona, sheepskin underblanket, mosquito net, electric blanket are all excellent presents.
  • Home office : Everyone needs a home office, even if it's in a corner of the kitchen. Desk, computer desk, computer, well designed adjustable computer chair, Bookshelves, filing cabinet (wood, metal).
  • Decorative pieces: Clock, vase, painting, sculpture, mirror (Venetian, gilded, wood frame, cheval), Rug, Coffee table, Occasional table. Antique (chair, table, credenza, alabaster figurine, jade), Bronze, Water feature for courtyard or balcony.
  • Maintainance: Drill set, drill bits, Tool box with tools (wrench, screwdriver set, hammer, saw, ruler thingy), Sturdy ladder, Voucher for their local Hardware store.
  • Garden: Wheelbarrow, spade, fork, rake, set of good quality hand tools (trowel/fork/secateurs), watering system, rainwater tank, water feature for courtyard or balcony, outdoor table setting, sundial, BBQ, set of good quality BBQ tools/apron/platter.
For the start of their big adventure together:
  • Help with the honeymoon: Perhaps you have a cabin in the country, a beach shack, or a time share at a resort. It would make a beautiful gift for you to let them use it for a week or so.
  • Luggage: Suitcase, Cabin cases.
  • Camping gear for the intrepid: Tent, double sleeping bag (do they make these?), matching single sleeping bags, inflatable mattress, camp stove, Large backpack, Camper van, camper trailer, winebago, kyak, canoe.
  • Tickets to Ride: White water rafting , Hotair Balooning, Skydiving.
  • Memories: Camera, Album, photo frame. Put on disc any photos taken by you or others at the wedding and give to the newly weds.
For their financial security:
  • Cash: In many parts of the world giving money is the usual expression of your goodwill toward the married couple.
  • Shares: In a private or listed company.
  • Home Deposit: or help with the mortgage. A very big ticket item in most countries. Another way that many parents help out is to allow the newly married to live in the parental home for a while. This is also a wonderfully generous gift.
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