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Gift Ideas For St Valentine's Day

Since the Fourteenth Century people have been marking this feast day by sending love letters and tokens to the person they most desire.

Cards, flowers, balloons, jewellery, candlelit dinners and romantic escapes to the countryside are all part of the tradition.

It's just fine to send an unsigned card or flowers if you are too shy to admit to your passion.

It's a wonderful day for proposals.

It's a wonderful day for married couples to put aside their preoccupations and focus on the person that they chose to love and cherish for all time.

The mood is infectious. It's not unusual for friends, family, even business associates, to hand out heart shaped chocolates and red roses.

Roses: Red roses are enormously popular. Don't be confined by this. Perhaps you think that your beloved is "a violet by a mossy stone, half hidden from the eye. As fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky". Or lavender matches the cool grey of her eyes. Unleash the poet within.

Chocolate: (Needs no explanation).

Wine: Champagne or other sparkling wine. Often beer or mineral water is a good substitute, especially in hot climates.

Dinner: Do arrange this beforehand as many places book out in advance.

Dinner at home: Flowers and candles bring Romance to any table. This year February 14 falls on a Wednesday, which is a working day for many of us. We can still make it special with flowers, something sweet and remembering to say "I love you".

Jewellery: Try matching rings engraved inside with both your names. Or matching gold or silver chains.

Music: Tickets to a concert. Drinks after work at a Jazz Bar. Surprise them with the latest CD of their favourite band.

A Romantic Getaway: Organize a day or few away at a Bed &Breakfast or Resort.

Gifts of the senses: Cuddly teddy bear, perfume, massage oil.

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Here are some ideas others shared with us

Poetry or something creative is always a good idea on top of a present you might buy. The thought and planning involved shows how much you treasure them.

P :D
I find Valentines day is a great time to be the person you wish you were. Suprise them with showing love in a way you normally are too afraid to do.

Madeleine Jones
red roses (get there early), cadbury roses chocolates, bottle of wine, get cute cards. If you live with them you can cook something special or invite them over. you can have dinner on a beach or something- it is totally up to you
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A home cooked meal and a massage to follow

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