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Tiny Tots: Gift suggestions for Boys and Girls aged from 1 to 5

At this age Children are bursting with energy and curiosity.

What Money Can't Buy: Tiny tots love to be involved family activities. A day at the beach or the circus or even just 'helping' in the garden may seem more trouble than it's worth, but is a valuable interaction with their environment and other people. Wading through a pile of crisp autumn leaves, walking on sand for the first time, even the tingle of snow on a warm face, all gifts that money can't buy.

Tiny Tots Love...

To make a mark: chalk, crayons, coloured pencils, poster paints, pads of blank paper.

To race around on wheels: sit-on car, peddle car, push car, small tricycle for 4 to 5 year old.

To dress up: face paint, firefighter/police/doctor/fairy/spiderman/superman costume.

To dress down: underwear, sweater with favourite cartoon character on front, Tshirt, jeans, long pants, shorts (elastasised waist is good for easy-off in the toilet), gloves, mittens, knitted cap, scarf, parka, rainboots, rainhat, cute socks, leggings and tights.

To play in sand and water: sandbox with lid, sand , wading pool, flotation aid, swimming lessons, swimsuit, sunhat, beach towel ,beach ball, sunscreen (sensitive skin formulation), bucket and spade, sun protection shirt, hat and shorts.

To party: party (maybe themed) at home or at a local family restaurant/fairy shop. Balloons, Cake, Clown, Magician, Jumping Castle.

To imagine: Storybook, DIY story with tiny tot as one of the characters, dolls, action figures, animal figures, lego, dolls house.

To learn: flash cards, alphabet blocks, large piece jigsaws and shape sorters for the tiniest tots moving onto board games and small piece jigsaws 5 year olds. Simple card games like Fish and Happy Families, Classes for language/ acting/music /instrument (Suzuki)/ dance/ gym /swimming. Any kind of ball game develops hand/ eye coordination.

To play in the garden: Small swing/slipperyslide. Cubby house, Sandpit with lid/ wading pool, toy wheelbarrow/ mower, swing, simple tent.

To pretend to be mum and dad: baby with stroller, toy lawn mower, toy tools, toy kitchen.

To look and listen: DVDs, CDs (especially for the car).

To carry friends around: Bag to take to baby-sitters house/ preschool, backpack, cute clip on animals to decorate bags and make it easy for them to identify.

To press buttons: Mobile preprogrammed to dial Mum and Dad.

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My little ones love playdoh and craft activities as well as trips to the beach, library etc (time with family)

Mummy Onderdonk
my boy loves to play with his baby doll, he kisses it and drives on his bike with it.

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