Thank You Present Gift Ideas

There are so many occasions when words alone cannot express our appreciation for a kind act. Perhaps a neighbour has fed the cat during our weekend away, or a school teacher has taken extra trouble teaching our child, or we wish to express our gratitude to the nursing staff as we leave hospital. In many cases we want to give something tangible to underline our sincerity. Here are some thank you present ideas.


How to say 'Thank You' with these very special gift ideas

For a Neighbour:

You could find ideas in the appropriate gift ideas for their gender and age. Popular presents for just about any neighbour are:
Box of chocolates, Box of Turkish Delight, Bouquet of flowers, latest Best Seller novel, Gift for their pet if they have one (cute dog dish, squeaky toy, scratchy pole for a cat), Scented candles, Lottery ticket, Gift pack of condiments such as oil/vinegar/salsa/ mustards, Six pack of beer, bottle of wine, Bottle of scotch or other spirits. Jar of home made jam or honey, Perfumed soap.

For a work colleague:

This can be tricky. You want to say 'thank you' in a way that appears appropriate to your colleague, the occasion, and to your work culture. You should be safe with giving flowers, chocolates, a lottery ticket (? to share if it's a winner), gift basket of fruit, gift basket of gourmet treats, gift pack of soaps, stylish desk accessories (pen holder, pen, tray, photo frame). Invitation to drinks after work, a six pack of their favourite beer, a bottle of wine or spirits can be appropriate in many workplaces. Gifts of a personal nature are rarely acceptable, no matter how friendly the workplace is.

For staying over with a friend for a week or weekend:

It's always lovely to arrive bearing a small gift. If you are arriving from overseas you might bring a collection of treats from your home country (processed food like biscuits, chocolates, tinned food, jam and condiments will usually pass through Customs unmolested). A bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, wine, champagne, beer, platter of cheeses and pates from a delicatessen, tray of fresh sushi, fresh bread, box of cakes or donuts, olives, tub of gourmet ice cream, or big bag of choc chip cookies will get you off to a good start.

You may wish to give a farewell 'Thank You' present as you leave. By this stage you would have a fair idea of your host's tastes and what they would wish for themselves. Perhaps your host is a collector of pottery, or stamps or books. Perhaps you have noticed that they lacked something in the kitchen, or were running seriously short of towels, or that their wine cellar has become depleted during your stay. This makes your gift selection easy. Otherwise go to the Gift Ideas at page that is appropriate for their age and gender to be inspired. A card with a few heartfelt words of thanks arriving in the mail or email a few days is an elegant finishing touch.

For a School Teacher:

Early Years:
A small token at the end of the academic year is a charming way to show your appreciation for the patience they took with your child. Perhaps your child could help you choose and wrap. Think of items such as flowers, stationery (box of art cards, writing paper with matching envelopes), pen, art supplies, Calligraphy set, Board game, soaps, chocolates, photo frame, photo album, book. Accessories such as gloves, scarf, knitted cap, bracelet, bangle, broach are appropriate presents from a 3 to 12 year old.

Later School Years:
Gift giving changes as the student moves to higher grades and is studying many different subjects with many different teachers. In most situations a sincere verbal expression of thanks is reward enough. A card from a class, or student, or parent is also positive feedback for a caring teacher. In some cases you would love to give more than just words. Here are some suggestions: Books are good presents, as are consumables like chocolates, gift set of condiments, Turkish Delight, flowers. stationery, photo frame, pen, memory stick, computer game, Board game, Chess set, DVD or CD are interesting presents.

For Hospital Staff:

You have successfully completed your hospital stay and are about to be taken home for convalescence. You would love to express gratitude to the nurses and nursing assistants who took such tender care of you. Do you give a gift to one person, or everyone involved? Either or both is appropriate.

If you want to thank an individual you can find many ideas by going to the appropriate Gift Ideas page for their gender and age.

For a big "thank you!" to everyone at the nursing station it's best to find a gift that can be shared. Flowers and chocolates are the easiest to think of and arrange. A Lottery ticket/Scratchie is good to share (don't forget to put it in a card and say who it's for). A box of donuts, or cakes, or chocolate biscuits will be appreciated, especially by staff on the night shift. A magazine, gourmet coffee, gourmet tea, herbal teas can brighten a lunch or dinner break.

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