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Gift suggestions for Mothers.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could give our mother just the thing she wanted for Mother's Day? If we knew what she wanted we would be off to a flying start so ask her to make a wish list at

Top of the list would be a big hug from her child. To see you in person and know that all is well is most mother's favourite present. A phone call, a postcard, a letter in the mail can reassure her that a lifetime of love and devotion has not been forgotten.

A bouquet of flowers, a card and a bottle of perfume is the conventional way of saying "Happy Mother's Day" in many countries. But there are so many other ways to express your affection.

Lunch or dinner at a restaurant is popular. A family dinner at your home is also a warm and welcoming way to say that you care. An informal BBQ often works as well as a more elaborate dinner and is sensible for large families. If Mum likes picnics and the weather is good why not find a scenic spot where the younger members of the family can kick a soccer ball around while Mum relaxes under a shady tree (or joins in). An alternative is to ask Mum to teach you to cook her favourite meal so that on Mother's Day you can treat her and maybe invite grandma as well.

Accessories are a lasting token of your appreciation. They suit all age groups and personalities. If your mother has not made a wish list mentioning her favourite colours you could be guided by the clothes she already wears. Otherwise go for neutral colours, black, chocolate brown or navy. Think of gloves, a scarf, sunglasses, umbrella, handbag, belt, wallet, computer bag or backpack, mobile phone accessories. Jewellery is an excellent Mother's Day idea. Earrings, bracelet, necklace, anklet, broach, hair clips and gold or silver chains can make a mother feel loved. Do check her wish list first, or take note of the style she already wears.

Mothers who like to garden are easy to buy for. Naturally you should find out what she needs or wants for the garden or balcony. If you are not sure what plants she desires, go for equipment: sharp secateurs, pruning scissors and shears, small and large watering can, compost bin or worm farm, yard cart, drip irrigation system, lawn locker to keep tools safe and tidy. Garden supplies like fertilizer, mulch and potting mix come in big bags that make welcome presents to the avid gardener. Mum may love a large pot or a water feature, but ask first. Perhaps you could take her to a nursery and let her choose. If money is tight give her some of your time to help with the heavy chores like edging and weeding.

Gifts that entertain are appreciated by even the busiest of mothers. A night at the movies, or theatre or ballet could suit some. Other mothers would prefer a quiet night in front of the TV snuggled up under a warm throw (great present!) watching a favourite movie or boxed set of a TV series. For some mothers reading a good book is the way to relax. Then there are card games and board games, both ideal for the active mother of growing children. Listening to music is entertainment even on busy days or driving in the car or going for a run. CDs, iPod, MP3, Discman, CD player, all make great gifts.

The Sporty Mum will need gear for her favourite activities. A tennis racquet, squash racquet, tennis balls, sports bag, golf accessories, bowling ball and bag, surf board or gym bag/towel are just some of the sporty gifts that will make her day. And of course don't forget things like sports socks, sweat bands for wrist and forehead, cycling/running singlet. Just check out her usual exercise routine for inspiration.

Mothers often spend their money on the necessities of life and don't have a lot left over for enhancing their natural beauty. So they will be happy to receive beauty products and stylish clothes on Mother's Day. Ask her which is her favourite lipstick, foundation, mascara and see what you can afford. Brands may be important as some women develop skin sensitivities. Foaming bath oils give Mum a fragrant treat. Then there are nightdresses, bathrobes, underwear, sweater with matching socks or opaque tights, camisole tops and jeans.

Appliances that make your mother's life easier used to be another popular present. But check with Mum before you buy that coffee maker, waffle maker or new iron. In fact, if it's not on her wish list, think of something else. The modern mother is more likely to appreciate a new mobile phone or iPod.

Crafty Mum has a passion for creating. She may love embroidery, cross stitch, scrap booking, painting, pottery, beading, jewellery making, silverwork, knitting, rug making, weaving or sculpture. All these crafts require equipment and supplies that make excellent presents. Ask her to be specific as to brands and colour numbers on her wish list.

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