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Gift Suggestions: Girls age 5 to 12

Girls age 5 to 8: Starting school, socialising, developing tastes and preferences. It's often when they will try an organised sport for the first time.
Girls age 8 to 12: Preferences are more defined. They will be likely to belong to a group that shares similar tastes in clothes, music and activities. Girls will often be part of a sports team.

Girls Like...

To dress like their friends: Tshirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, underwear, tights, leggings, socks, boots, shoes

To try out new hairstyles: comb, brush, decorative hair elastics/ bands/ slides/ clips. Hair gel/ mousse.

To look cool at school: Backpack, snack box, pencil case, wallet, folders, laptop, diary, ruler, pencils, pens, textas

To share the experience: Mobile phone, internet access, interactive computer games, camera, corkboard for bedroom, taking a friend along on a family holiday, cute notepaper/sticky notes

To get around: Bicycle (helmet, basket, lamp, computer), scooter, pony, skateboard (wrist/knee protection)

To be sporty: Sports towel/bag/water bottle,
  • Tennis (racquet, balls, bag, shoes, lessons)
  • Swimming (towel, swimsuit, bag, goggles
  • Pony club (pony, saddle, boots, cap, jacket, jodhpurs)
  • Athletics (running spikes, shorts, vest)>
  • Baseball/softball (bat, gloves, team uniform, ball)
  • Ballet (shoes, leotard, tutu, tights, leggings)
  • Soccer (team jersey, shorts, shin pads, boots, socks)
To learn:
  • Dance (ballet, jazz ballet, tap, ballroom)
  • Communication (language, acting classes)
  • Catch up at school (Maths, computer coaching)
  • Cooking (lessons, books, apron, mitts, decorative cookie cutters)
  • Making clothes (sewing machine, basket, thimble, cottons, lessons, wool, knitting needles, crochet hook, cross stitch)
  • Art (drawing, painting classes, easel, canvas, acrylic or water paints, brushes, appreciation classes, books)
  • Music (piano, recorder, violin, flute, drums, guitar lessons and instrument)
To have friends stay over: sleeping bag, spare mattress

To go to the beach: swimsuit, towel, spray on sunscreen, sunglasses, flippers, snorkel set, beach ball, skimboard, surfrider, sunshade

Events with the family and friends: movie pass, concert tickets, day at the zoo, circus tickets, tickets to sporting events

Reading: Books, subscription magazine, join the local library

Listening to music: Ipod, DVDs, CDs, CD player, DVD player, a canary

Playing Computer Games: Computer, Laptop, Games, XBox, Nintendo

Playing Board/Card Games: Monopoly, Pictionary, Chess, Backgammon, Chinese Chequers, cards, poker set

Redecorating the bedroom: doona cover, sheet set, cute pillow, pictures, book shelves, decorative hooks, dressing table and accessories, mirror.

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Here are some ideas others shared with us

hollie jade smith
a real fortune teller blobe,t-shirts,shorts,underware,stickers,rainbowmagic books,leggings,disney dressing gown with shorts and top,brush,diary,pens,pencils,sports towl, hot water bottle,swimsuit,bag,goggles,sun glasses,learn jazz
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hollie jade smith
i-pod,phone,nintendo ds,toys,a fairy doll that can talk natually and that can swim underwater and fly as high to my roof doesnt need batteries,janets purse,a sleepover fairy that i can cuddle comes with close message fairy box,to actually see a real fairy, for everyone to be really popular even more again, take over teischas spot all the cool people hang around with me, hopfully i will get my peiriod i really want it? thank you so very much!!!

Madeleine Jones
when i was seven i wanted 'themed' stuff: because I was a major harry potter fan. so, choose there favourite movie/tv show/book/play/musical/theme that has merchandise.
EG: FAIRY PARTY. You can get books, stickers and figurines and even barbie themed Make sure that it isn't something that would exploit them to unsuitable stuff. Try a one piece swimming costume- speedos are great. go for there favourite colour- say pink. Try googles and underwater fun- it can make things really pip up. Take them to maccas for there birthday with some of there friends and you can arrange a big maccas cake- it is still very cheap and will not cost much. Also, try a lockable diary- they would be encouraged to write. Kids that age want 'wants' not 'needs', because birthdays are like a treat. don't use lines that 'will it make you a better person' or 'will it get you to heaven' that would really annoy them so try to make it a treat. Find an interest, pop into the nearest toy shop and they can help you.
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Tekuseni Temnotfo Fakuzde
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sarah smith
labtop,soccer ball,i pod,i pad,dsi,

i want an ipad or a new slide cell phone i also wanted a monster high doll for christmas this year they are really awsome but when i was 5 i wanted a doll who would talk and i cant talk to her
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tara wallker
View tara wallker's profile

Some 5-12 year olds like ds's, game boys, artsy things,
*Alot of girls 5-12 like LISA FRANK ITEMS!*
View l***********LMAFO***********'s profile

mya l ernst
tshirts pants underware toys
View mya l ernst's profile

mya l ernst
a phone so if a fire i lived in apartments there was a fire and my cuz was in the shower and almost ran out side nacket but his mom grabed a towl before he ran out and some clothes that feat me and some shoes and some dalls so i can play and some cat food so i can feed some starving cats that need food and some dog food 4 some hungrey dogs and sme bandades so when i get hurt a bed and a bedroom set and some bing bag chairs so i can set and a table and dress's please if you have the money. thank you
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mya l ernst
I'm a big fan of tighlight and new moon and ecleaps and bracking dawn
View mya l ernst's profile

ipod touch,camera,cds,dvds,dvd player,desk,laptop,twister,magazine subscription,books,clothes,ticket to sports stuff or concerts,sun glasses,flippers,pool,snorkel set,sleeping bag,cool pillow, cool chair,hair ties,wii ds games,water guns,water balloons,belt,shoes,slip'n'slide,mobile phone
I am ten and these are the things i want
hope this helps :)
View liv37's profile

Just simPly a nice gift like a watch!!!
Why ask ur mom dad for expensive gifts when u dont need it?? I love to collect (and wear) different types of watches.. So a watch is a good gift for me!!!! :-)

rita bondarenko
just can i have cool stuff


sleepover,phone,and nintindo 3Ds

American Girl stuff,I phone,Nabi basically a i pad, Clothes from Justice so im a kid so trust me

an i pod touch is a great gift for a girl around age 10

flutter bye fairys are nice for a girl about age 8 to 9 possibly 10

my 10 year old daughter has a i pod touch and is more educated and happyer than she has ever been her whole life and the trick so your kid dont play it all the time is to give a warning then take away


I want a new i pod touch im 10

I wish I was 16

Lisa Haught
Some kids like vanitys and makeup. They like to start early. I know that with experience.

mary smith
slip n slides I am 11
View mary smith's profile

Laptops yoyo iPads basketball tv

bella marie alexander
make a room like a character castle

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