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Gift suggestions for Fathers.

The relationship that we have with our father is one of the most significant building blocks in the formation of our personality. A father protects his family from the harshness of their environment. He provides emotional and material support that enables us to grow strong and find our place in the world. He is role model and mentor.

We express our pride and gratitude on Father's Day.

Nothing beats being together. A few hours or a day spent playing golf, relaxing at home, having lunch with the extended family, taking a quiet walk on the beach or just sitting beside a river fishing together are all gifts that money can't buy.

In simpler times a pair of socks, or a tie or a bottle of Scotch was the usual choice of gift for Dad. Now our resources are greater and we can spoil our father with something that he really needs or desires. A great way to be sure of spoiling Dad is to persuade him to make a wish list at Many fathers have never made a wish list. It might surprise you both to see what he comes up with.

Does Dad like to watch or play sport? He may like tickets to see his local team play at home or away. He may like to have a new soccer ball to kick around the backyard with his (big or little) kids. A soccer or rugby jersey could make him feel part of a team and you could add on a scarf, socks and beanie later to complete the outfit. There are any number of DVDs that replay great games or give hints on how to improve a golf swing or tennis serve. Or he may be coveting a new video recorder or camera in order to capture the moment when his little girl hits that home run. Sports like golf, tennis, swimming, fishing and bowls all require gear that wears out or gets updated. It all makes great presents for Sporty Dad.

Does Dad like to relax? Our idea of relaxation is often an image of Dad lounging on the sofa watching television. And in fact he may be really happy to receive a box of his favourite movies or TV sitcom, a new recliner or even a new flat screen TV. But relaxation does not have to be passive. Dad may prefer to cook up a BBQ or gourmet meal and would love new BBQ tools, cookbook, gourmet foods, case of beer, home brewing kit or set of steak knives. He could unleash the Barista within with a home espresso machine. Or perhaps Dad's idea of relaxation is to play cards or chess, or to read or do wood work. Creative pursuits usually involve a lot of equipment which makes great presents.

Does Dad love his wheels? Washing and vacuuming the car is a low cost/high appreciation present ideal for the growing family. Dad might need accessories for the car. A new road directory, book of maps, navigation tool, car seat covers, hands-free mobile phone holder and roof racks. Or he may prefer to cycle. New cycle pants, singlet, bike computer, reflective tape and halogen lamp are good for this.

Does Dad need tools? Handyman Dad will probably have a list of tools that he would like. But even Not-so-Handy Dad will need a screwdriver set, a wrench, a ladder, a tool box, a torch, perhaps even a drill and bit set. Gardening Dad will need digging implements, trimming implements, and supplies to nourish his plot of land. Now that we are all recycling, a worm farm and compost system might be appreciated. (Check the wishlist!)

Does Dad dress for Success? Shopping may not be Dad's idea of relaxation so save him the trouble and buy him a new business shirt and tie, socks, sweater and accessories like belt, watch, cufflinks, wallet, computer bag and umbrella. He can help by listing his collar, waist and shoe size on his wishlist, or you can pop the receipt in an envelope so he can change it if the size is not right.

Does Dad love music? Check out his favourite artists and buy him a CD or DVD. Also think of CD/DVD player, iPod, MP3 player. He may enjoy going to a Pub that has live music (?age restrictions) or attend a symphony concert or Opera.

Does Dad have a home computer? Businessman Dad will like to organize his home office with a calendar, desk caddy, inbox trays, pens and stationery. He will also enjoy the distraction of computer games.

Here are some ideas others shared with us


Rebekka lydia Rhoads
Pre-teen/tween girls ages 9-13 like to dress up and try to be like an adult a good gift would be maybe a small from the juniors section of the store, makeup,high heel, a traing bra,camra,and other stuff to try to be like an adult not a little kid
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Rebekka lydia Rhoads
Little boys ages 4-8 like to be super heros so buy like a cape or spiderman jamies something superhero related. If the boy you know doesn't like super hero stuff maybe he likes sports or fishing or drawing you could buy him a basaball or a small fishing pole just his size maybe even his favorite color.
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Rebekka lydia Rhoads
If your mom, grandma, or some women around that age is feeling stressed or has back pains ect. bring them to the spa they will enjoy just being relaxed or if you are to poor or are a kid make your own, give her a massage, paint her nails,put cucumbers on her eyes, make it feel like it is her speacial day
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sarah smith
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