Gift Ideas For Engagement Party

Two people declare to the world that they love and cherish each other. Two families come together to welcome the new bond that has been made. Friends gather around to celebrate. We wish them long life, good fortune and happiness. Here are some engagement gift ideas for the happy couple who wish to get married.



Engagement Present Ideas

Ask them to make a Wish List on They will have started planning their live together, so they will need many gifts for the house for when they get married. They will need to keep track of what they need for both the engagement and the wedding, so get them to create their own wish list at Today I Wish. After all, you may only know one side of the partnership well, so it helps to know what they want together.

A 'Glory Box' Collection: A brilliant place to start for engagement gift ideas. Linen to make a start on furnishing a home. Think of sheets, pillowcases., doona cover, towels, napkins, tablecloths. Blankets(wool, cotton). No need for hand stitching and lace borders (unless it's on the wish list). Today colours and prints reflect a creative mood. Check boutique stores for the latest prints.

Cookware: Give the engaged couple gifts for the kitchen. Saucepan, frypan, soup pan, wok, skillet, baking dish, casserole dish, pie dish, steamer, health grill, knife set/sharpener, set of storage canisters. Keep their love simmering!

Tableware: Presents for the table are highly suitable for an engagement party. Try a cutlery set, teaspoons, cake forks, serving tongs, salad servers, napkin rings, mugs, cups/saucers, teapot, coffee pot, coffee plunger, sugar bowl/spoon, milk jug, gravy boat, plates, platters, cake stand, fruit bowl, salad bowl, olive dish, sushi plate, bowls for Asian style food (deep or shallow), stylish chop sticks, small set of bowls for condiments/dips/side dishes, small vase.

Appliances: Kitchen and house hold appliances need not be expensive if you shop around for quality brands. We suggest the following engagement gifts for the soon to be married: Coffee maker, rice cooker, electric kettle, Blender, Mixmaster, electric grill, electric frypan, electric wok, iron, ironing board, clothes press, sewing machine, overlocker.

Bathroom accessories: Bring romance to their bathroom. When look, think about colours that complement each other just like the engaged couple do. Suggested presents include: toothbrush holder and tumbler, peddle bin, towels (egyptian cotton), bath mat, soap dish, soap dispenser, make up/shaving mirror, tissue box cover, scales. laundry hamper.

Home office accessories: Perfect gifts for the modern and practical couple. Memory stick, mouse pad, computer, notebook, Printer, scanner, computer software, computer desk, swivel computer chair, matching pen holder/tray, stacking in-trays, stationery, pen, photo frame, dictionary, atlas, globe of the world.

Living room/bedroom accessories: Rug, lamp, CD stacker, cubes, screen, mirror, framed picture or photograph, stylish glass or ceramic vase, cushions, artwork (sculpture, bronze, pottery), sheets, doona, laundry hamper.

Adventure equipment: First check that they are both keen! Tent, camp stove, sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, GPS, Mobile phone, Book detailing treks they may be interested in, Bikes, kyak, canoe, skiff, flotation jacket.

Car accessories: Car seat covers (sheep skin/cloth), Navman, Road directory. Book of maps.

Home entertainment: TV, stereo, speakers, DVD player, CD player.

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