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Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts do more than just advertise a business or product. A successful gift will reinforce the business experience and enhance the image that the business aims to project. It reminds the client or worker that they are valued by the company.

The range and scope of corporate gifts is staggering. First Class travel and accommodation, gifts of computers or plasma televisions, long lunches and dinners in gourmet restaurants are all frequent corporate gifts in selected industries. Our list however, is intended to target a wider area of society where the intention is to communicate a positive image of a company and send a simple "Thank you, do come again" message to its clients or workers. Just about everything on the list lends itself to have a company or product logo applied.

Corporate Gifts:
  • Edible gifts are very popular Box of chocolates, Lolly jar, hamper of confectionary or gourmet food, box of fresh fruit, Cookie jar full of cookies, Bottle of good olive oil, Set of spices, Pot of stilton cheese in port. If you are choosing something such as a box of chocolate fudge make sure your company logo is large and right there on the packet opening. It will not be there for long.
  • Coffee is another sociable kind of gift A plunger with coffee gift pack, cappuccino cup and saucer set, espresso machine or decorative canister of good quality instant coffee are all useful gifts. Naturally many people prefer tea so also think of a tin of quality tea bags.
  • Mugs, glassware, coasters, wine stopper and bottle opening tool can all be customised to reflect your company's attitude, from fun to financial. Even people who do not drink alcohol would keep cute shot glasses or beer glasses as they do just as well for soft drinks. Thermos flask, ice mug, wine cooler or esky would also be popular.
  • Stationery is necessary in just about every business. . Think how much exposure your company would get from someone using sticky notes or memo pads that have your company logo on the upside. Pen (ball point, fountain), highlighter, pencil and pencil case, whiteboard marker, magnetic whiteboard with eraser, bookmark, business card stand, business card case, organiser, notebook, notepad, compendium, diary, telephone index, calendar, paper clip holder (?with coloured paper clips), pen holder, in tray, pencil sharpener, novelty eraser, stapler with staples, tape dispenser with tape, mobile phone holder, desk or wall clock, calculator, photo frame for desk (or magnetic for filing cabinet), rechargeable batteries with recharger: the list is endless.
  • Computers are indispensable and computer accessories are a great opportunity to advertise your product. A funky (?cordless) mouse, mouse pad, USB flash disk, set of blank cds/dvds, cd/dvd carry case, SIM card back up could all remind them of your business. A pen style laser pointer will add panache to a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Travel accessories are good corporate gifts Think of those little things like luggage tag, travel lock, sewing kit, shoeshine kit, toothbrush/toothpaste set, passport wallet, and travel clock. Larger items like computer bag, conference bag, backpack and cabin case are also useful gifts.
  • Health and fitness is an area that can reflect your company's concern. A gym bag, water bottle, sports bag, beach bag/towel, sports towel, jogging radio/MP3 player, skipping rope, stopwatch, pedometer, fat meter, digital thermometer, hot/cold packs and first aid kit all show that your company is in good health.
  • Car accessories improve the driving experience. Autoshade, mobile phone hands free set, air freshener, hand held vacuum, travel binoculars, travel tartan rug, seat covers, fun figure for the dashboard, or travel coffee mug and flask can go a long way to promote your product.
  • Outdoor and camping activities activities provide an opportunity to share leisure time with your clients. Golf balls and other golf accessories, beach chair, beach igloo, picnic blanket, picnic backpack or basket, BBQ set, compass, torch, Swiss army knife, Poly fleece jacket, Soccer ball or rugby ball, tennis balls/bag are excellent gifts for the active person.
  • Entertainment does not just mean taking a client out to lunch. . Enhance their time out with a CD, DVD, Voucher for cinema tickets, theatre tickets, organise a private tour of the latest art exhibition in your town.
  • Personal items can make excellent corporate gifts. A tie, scarf, t-shirt, sports jacket, football jersey (especially if you are a sponsor), baseball cap, beanie, sun visor, manicure set, umbrella, watch, sunscreen, body lotion, shower gel or novelty soaps are a one-size-fits-all corporate gift solution.
  • Games can be good fun. Desktop darts, boule set, backgammon, pack of cards, noughts and crosses set, yo yo, or board game could happily wear your logo.
  • Corporate gifts can even find their way into the home. Generally logos should be more discrete, perhaps cleverly incorporated into artwork or part of the design. Wall clock, tool set (screwdrivers are always useful), candle holder with candle, rechargeable torch, desk lamp, toothbrush holder, rubber duckie for the bath, kitchen accessories such as a knife set, colander, salad servers, tissue boxes with tissues, books. Just about anything can reflect your ingenuity.
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