Gift Ideas for Boy's 18th Birthday

For many young men the age of 18 marks the transition from School/College student to a working man. Even if University is the next stepping stone most young men will need to work to make ends meet. So we celebrate the change...



Gift Suggestions

Ask him to make a Wish List at If he is undecided about his future direction at least he could register his favourite stores, musical artists and authors. It would help us equip him for whatever path he choses.

Basic survival gear: Tshirt, shorts, jeans, boxer shorts, sneakers, shaver/razor (optional).

Music: CD, DVD, Ipod and running accessories, guitar, drums, moraccas, keyboard.

Machines: TV, Computer, Laptop, DVD player, Mobile phone, Memory Stick, (if he is renting there is the entire catastrophe of fridge, washing machine, dryer, expresso machine).

Travel: Backpack, Return ticket, Global Positioning System, Navman, Sleeping Bag, Sunglasses, Travel Guides and Maps, Vaccinations, travel insurance.

Entertainment: Computer Games, DVDs , CDs, Rock/Classical concert tickets, Books (tricky; only off a wishlist!), Board Games. Find out what his favorite artists and authors are by getting him to put a wish list on Today I Wish.

Entertaining: Party, pop corn maker, donut maker, Beer and Beer glasses (only if legal age of alcohol is 18), Juke Box, karoke. Many young men like to learn how to brew their own beer at this age (if legal). This can be a great way of teaching him more about how beer is made and will keep him talking for hours about the subject for years to come.

Beach: Boardshorts, swimsuit, sunglasses, zinc cream, towel, surfboard, wristband, surfchain, Tshirt, Beach shirt, Beach sandles/clogs/flip flops, jetski, inflatable with outboard, surf ski, kyack. Throwing him a beach birthday party might also be a great idea to make his birthday more fun.

Snow: Beanie, Gloves, Snow jacket/pants, skiis, snow shoes, Ski boots, Balaclava, Sunglasses, Global Positioning Beacon, ski poles. Remember the safety gear as the snow can be very dangerous, especially if he is overconfident (or clumbsy!).

Personal Embellishments: Shaver, after shave lotion, shaving soap and brush, cologne, soap, deodorant. Many young men are not prepared or able to buy good quality products here, so give them guidance if you know how.

Wheels: Scooter, Bike, Car. Car insurance and safety gear. A stern lecture on safe driving (ok, maybe not, but we couldn't help but mention it). Another great gift idea is a personalize CD for him to play in his car. Perfect for a younger sibling with not much of a birthday budget.

Looking Good: Brush, comb, shirt, tie, cufflinks, dress shirt/dinner suit/bow tie, Business suit, Fine cotton or wool sweater, polo shirts, boat shoes, long shorts, Laptop bag, Business Backpack, Briefcase. As he is starting to turn into a man, ensure he dresses well. Boys stop wearing shorts as much at this age and start to wear proper jeans and trousers.

Adventure/sporting equipment: Kayak, canoe, bicycle (mountain/racing/hybrid), helmet, goggles, fishing equipment (rod, bucket, scaling knife, set of sinkers, lures, can of worms, waders), golf (clubs, bag, buggy, tees, balls, cap , shoes, Club Membership), trekking (tent, backpack, Global positioning system, hiking boots, socks, compass, maps, thermal underwear), Sailing (jacket, skiff, lessons)

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