Gift Ideas For Boys aged 12 to 18

So much change in so little time. Boys grow out of their clothes at a great rate. They are in and out of interests just as fast. This makes gift giving a hit and miss affair. It's just as well that he can easily register his Wish List (with sizes) on


Teenage boys gift ideas

Virtual interaction: There is always a newer, more challenging computer game. Put it on the Wish List! Computer with internet access, laptop, joysticks, memory stick, headphones. Playstation, Xbox, Wii.

Social interaction: Chess set, card games, backgammon, board games (Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, pictionary), Meccano set, Lego. Train set, table tennis, badminton set, Fussball Table.

TV and music: DVD, CD, guitar, keyboard, drums, join a band, karaoke system, jukebox, ipod.

Out of doors: Trampoline, tree house, tent, bicycle, skateboard , in-line skates, Razor scooter.

Team sports: Baseball, soccer, basketball, cricket, rugby all require their own special outfits. It's also a good idea to put up a basketball hoop, cricket stumps, or just invite his friends over to kick a soccer ball around the back yard.

Individual sports: Tennis, golf, squash, sailing, athletics. He will need lessons (by family or professional coach) and equipment like a racquet, balls, golf clubs. Horseriding is easily available in many country areas. Saddle, bridle, brush, blanket, riding boots and hat make great presents.

Beach: swimsuit, towel, beach bag, wetsuit, spray on sunscreen, skim board, surfrider, surfboard, volleyball, Frisbee, wristband.

Snow: Snow shoes, gloves, cap, scarf, snow suit, bib and braces, sunglasses, balaclava, toboggan, ski boots, skis/poles for downhill or overland skiing , skates, waterproof backpack, lift pass, GPS/mobile phone.

Clothing: He might need a suit for a special occasion but don't expect him to be as excited as you are. Boys are mostly Action Men and need comfortable clothing, As they grow many boys want to dress in a manner that shows they belong to a particular group. It's a good idea to ask him what style he prefers. If you can't get excited about his choices you can always check this section for more suggestions.
  • Outer wear: Denim jeans, cargo pants/shorts, singlet top, Tshirt, shirt, sweater, jacket, track pants, fleecy hooded jacket, canvas shoes, trainers.
  • Underwear: Boxer shorts, singlet, socks, pyjamas, bath robe, scuffs.
Accessories: Watch, wristband, chain, belt, scarf, beanie, cap, hat.

Life skills: How to BBQ a perfect steak, scramble eggs, use a screwdriver, safely change a light bulb, drive a car: some of the most valuable gifts that we can give.

Reading: Books that capture his attention, Comic books, Magazine subscription, Puzzle books, Sudoko,

Communicate Skills: Language class, acting class.

Rock Star! piano lessons, guitar lessons, guitar, drum kit and lessons. Trumpet, violin, cello, saxophone if he prefers jazz or classical. Sheet music is useful.

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