Gift Ideas for Boys age 5 to 12

Boys 5 to 8: Boys are starting school and developing communication skills. They enjoy active sports and spending hours in unconstructed play with their friends.
Boys 8 to 12: Tastes and preferences become more obvious. Boys attention span increases and they will enjoy more structure in their activities.

Boys Like...

To dress with a minimum of fuss: Many boys are in too big a hurry doing something else to notice what they are wearing. They do like fashionable trainers that fit, denim jeans, sweatshirts/Tshirts with cartoon characters/sports heroes/ TV action men motifs.

To choose their own hairstyle: Comb, brush, hair gel, haircut.

To look cool at school: Backpack, snack box, folders, textas, pens/pencils, pencil case, diary, wallet.

To share the experience: Interactive computer games, internet access, Skype, Mobile phone, camera, Corkboard for bedroom.

To get around: Bicycle (helmet, light, pump, puncture proof tube and tyres), scooter, skateboard (Wrist/knee guards).

To play sports: Sports towel/bag/water bottle,
  • Baseball (bat, ball, uniform, cap, gloves), Cricket (bat, ball, stumps, gloves, cap)
  • Tennis (racquet, balls, lessons)
  • Swimming (swimsuit, towel, goggles, coaching)
  • Horse riding (horse, saddle, helmet, boots, lessons)
  • Athletics (running spikes, shorts, vest)
  • Golf (appropriate sized club set, lessons from Mum and Dad)
  • Sailing (sunglasses, flotation jacket, zinc cream, lessons, skiff)
  • Fishing (line/hook/sinker, zinc cream, bucket , bait)
  • Football/Soccer/Rugby (ball, jersey, shorts, shin protection, registration)
  • Skiing/snowboarding (skis, snow pants/jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen)
To relax:
  • friends to stay over ( trundle bed, sleeping bag, DVDs, computer games),
  • day at the Beach (swimsuit, towel, bag, sunglasses, spray on sunscreen, flippers, snorkel set, skimboard, surfrider),
  • Events with the family and friends (Movie pass, concert tickets, sporting event tickets, circus)
  • reading (books, subscription magazine, join local library)
  • playing computer games (Computer, games, joystick, XBox, Play Station, Wii)
  • listening to music (iPod, CDs, DVDs, CD player)
  • constructing things (Lego, Meccano set, Balsa wood airplanes, Action figures)
  • sketching and painting (paper, paints, pencils, pastels, brushes)
  • making things move (train set, battery operated sailing boat, battery controlled racing car)
To learn:
  • Coaching in their favourite sport
  • Acting classes
  • Language classes
  • Reading coaching , with family or a language teacher
  • Cooking (classes, apron, mitt, cookie cutters, books)
  • Music/ instrument/band
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