Gift Ideas For a Girl's 21st Birthday

For a young woman, her 21st birthday marks the time when she reflects on her youth and experiences, and prepares herself for being an adult. She needs items to prepare herself to be a woman so we look for presents that help her with her new life. Ensure the gift is something special and different, so take the time to find the right present for her. From clothing to entertainment, Jewellery to accessories, to a nice day out to mark the day, below is a list of unique gift ideas for a girl on her 21st birthday.
For Boys 21st birthdays, see boys 21st birthday gift ideas.


Gift Suggestions for a 21 year old girl

Ask her to register on
It's free and easy and will make it so much easier for you to surprise her. This will also make sure she gets something that she will really enjoy. You can also try some of these other ideas.

Jewellery to mark the occasion:
Gold, silver, pearls, jade and diamonds make a big statement, but something pretty for casual living also makes a great gift. Think of earings, necklace, gold or silver chains, antique or art deco pieces, watch, bangle, bracelet, anklet, stud, jewellery box, cute frame for the dressing table. Of course a much loved piece of family jewellery is a priceless gift. If you are unsure of the type of jewellery she wears, it is best to ask her to list her favorites on her wish list. Afterall, jewellery can be a very personal thing.

For a fashionable 21 year old

Clutch purse, wallet, evening bag, handbag, beach bag, business or casual backpack, computer bag or backpack, sunglasses, pashmina, scarf, hat, gloves, umbrella, hair combs/slides/scrunchies, headband, hat, beanie.

Beauty products:
Perfume, moisturising lotion, toner, face mask, lipstick, mascara/eyeliner/kohl, nail laquer, acrylic nails, a voucher to her favourite Hairstylist, massage oil. Of course knowing the brand and the exact shade she loves would help here. Beauty products can be affordable if you know where to look. Searching online for discount outlets that sell cheaper beauty products can reveal hidden gems.

Young women express their personality through there clothes. Take into account her style when chosing clothing for her.

  • Outer wear: Sweater, jacket, Tshirt, skirt, dress, sarong, long pants, capri pants, cargo pants, stretchy gym gear, polo knit, business shirt, casual shirt, shoes, sandles, clogs, flip flops, boots, sports trainers.
  • Lingerie: Boxer short/vest for sleeping, satin or fine cotton nightdress, bra/panties set, camisole, singlet, bath robe, slippers.

Leisure and entertaining

Champagne glasses, champagne or other sparkling white wine, candles, insence, portable BBQ, wine, wine glasses, mugs, cutlery, coffee maker/plunger/percolator, cocktail glasses, bottle of spirits, cocktail shaker/receipe book, saucepan, frypan, rice cooker, cook books. It is around 21 that a woman starts to want to build a decent kitchen collection, so don't underestimate the importance of good kitchenwear. Invest in some good saucepans or kitchen knives.

Travel accessories:
Passport wallet, cabin bag on wheels, suitcase with wheels, backpack, Return ticket, travelguide for favourite destination, GPS, Navman, Maps, Atlas, Language classes or tapes, camera. Camera accessories, such as water proof camera housing, memory cards. Girls have a lot of energy at this age so ensure your gift helps refect this.

CD/DVD player, TV, computer, laptop, iPad, CDs, DVDs / Bluray, ipod, headphones. Maybe tickets to concerts, sporting events, opera. Allow her to experience new things - take her to a play or concert she may not normally attend. As music is personal, get her to list her favorite artists on her wish list at Today I Wish.

For the 21st birthday girl going to university or college, how about a Laptop, iTouch / iPhone / iPad, to keep her connected and entertained. An expensive but valuable birthday gift. If you can't afford all of it, a gift voucher for the local electronics store could be a great idea.

Reading and writing:
A book that has inspired you, the latest offering by her favourite author (or even from your favourite author), a text book/reference book, calligraphy set, stylish pen, stationery and stamps, laptop, memory stick, organiser/diary. A birthday like this is a very special event in a girl's life, so if you have a favorite book, why not share it with her by giving her a copy.

For the active birthday girl

Swimsuit, towel, beach bag, sunglasses, spray on tan, sunscreen, boardshorts, sarong, igloo, surfboard, wetsuit, zinc cream. If she has a summer birthday, how about planning a beach party for her. Set up a BBQ on the beach (if you are allowed), invite her friends and have fun. This can be a great casual event to have the day after a big birthday party.

Bicycle and cycling gear, a book on local bike rides. Inline skates, don't forget safty gear. Vespa, car, car insurance. Driving lessons for those that haven't got around to it yet. Music for the car or for their MP3 player when on the bus.

Sports/adventure equipment:
It is important that girls keep their sporty side alive when they get into their twenties. Here are some sports gift ideas.

  • Gym/running/cycling: Sports bag, water bottle, ipod, sports towel, shower gel/deodorant, bike (helmet, bike computer, puncture proof tires, panniers).
  • Water sports: Swimsuit, goggles, sunglasses, zinc cream/sunscreen, spray on tan, wet suit, sailing jacket, towel, surfboard, wetsuit, flotation jacket.
  • Golf: Clubs, bag, buggy, tees, balls, cap, shoes, Club Membership.
  • Ball sports: Comfortable sports shorts/vest for training, sports shoes, bats and balls, sports bag and accessories.
  • Camping/fishing/hiking: Backpack, hiking boots/socks, tent, camp stove, thermal underwear, wet weather ponchos, maps, GPs, compass, fishing rod and accessories hat.
  • Snow sports: Skis, poles, skates, snow shoes, helmet, snowboard, GPS, gloves, sunglasses.

Making a 21st Birthday special

There are lots of things you can do to bring a personal touch to a 21st birthday. Here are a few suggestions on how to make her special day even more unique:
  • Buy big! Buy together: Get together with a few friends to buy one big present instead of many small ones. Surprise her this year by getting one of the more expensive items on her wish list.
  • Beach / Pool party: Be together with all her friends with a casual beach or pool party. As she will probably have a formal affair for her 21st birthday, a second casual party could be appropriate.
  • Be creative: Create a short video or scrap book for her birthday. If you are writing a speech, do your research and find good stories from occasions you may not know about yet.
If you are making a speech at her 21st Birthday, consider the audience and the occasion. She will look back on this evening for the rest of her life so ensure you don't embarras yourself and her too much with silly stories.

Do you have any gift ideas more gift ideas of your own for girls 21st birthdays? Share them with the Today I Wish community below.

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