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Gift ideas for a Gemini

May 21 - June 20

Symbol - Twins
Element - Air
Planetary Ruler - Mercury
Colour - Yellow - and most other colours
Stone - Agate

Gifts for a Gemini

Gemini are great communicators. They love to talk and are interested in everyone and everything. Gifts that compliment this trait include a mobile phone, accessories for a mobile phone (especially a hands-free attachment for the car), good quality speakers for their computer and a laptop. Gemini are also strong in language and literature so think of gifts such as books, stationery, pens, thesaurus, and tickets to your local theatre company.

Gemini thrive on variety and change. They love gadgets and the latest technology. An iPod or MP3 player will enable them to download the newest popular artist. Navigation tool for the car, latest hybrid bike, the last word in sports trainers: Gemini will enjoy the novelty as well as the practicality.

Gemini are inventive. They will attempt any number of crafts. Tools for woodwork, pottery, painting, rug making, weaving and scrap booking will give them the opportunity to learn a new skill. Gemini are easily bored so don't be surprised if they don't stick at a project. They may well come back to it later.

The Gemini Child

The inquisitiveness of a Gemini is apparent from birth. The Gemini baby is often mobile from an early age, all the better to explore the world and make discoveries. Gifts that stimulate a Gemini's interest include shape sorters, colourful musical mobiles, a variety of rattles with different shapes and sounds, and one or more activity centres. When a Gemini baby is coming up to one year old they will love riding on the back of your bicycle.

Storybooks make excellent gifts. The Gemini baby and toddler love to hear you read. Engage the Gemini by asking them to fill in the parts that they know by heart such as "My, grandma, what big EYES you have!"

A growing Gemini needs a variety of activities to keep him or her from becoming bored and disruptive. A tricycle, then bicycle then perhaps a skateboard will dissipate a lot of nervous energy. Classes in dance, acting or music will develop their natural versatility further.

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