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This year, try something different at Christmas. Help your friends and family out by writing your own wish list. You can create your wish list with ease this year at Today I Wish. Our easy to use Wish List creator allows you to share with others the things you like, your favorite authors, stores and more. Today I Wish is a wish list creator where you can list anything. You can list products or you can list gift ideas. Unlike the other wish list sites out there, you don't have to crawl through the internet finding links and pictures. You just write what you want and you're done. It is as easy as that.

How to write a good Christmas Wish List

Looking to write a good Christmas Wish List? Here are some hints to get you started.
  • Don't be shy. The more honest you are and the more things you list, the better people will be able to find the gifts you want this year.
  • Consider all budgets. Remember that everyone's situation is different and the important thing is that people give you something that you will enjoy. We suggest putting items from all price ranges in your wish list. Don't be afraid to have simple items like basic clothing (socks, t-shirts etc) or expensive things that you may not be able to afford yourself. This gives your friends and family more choices and allows them to get something within their means.
  • List both general and specific gifts. Some people will want to know exactly what you want, while others want to add their own individual touch. If you are fussy about some items, like handbags or shoes, then be specific about your needs. If you can be general, then be so. For instance, you might not mind what sort of classical music you get as they all sound beautiful to you, so make sure you mention this. If you have a friend who knows a lot about classical music, they may use their expertise to find something you may want to try.
  • Get inspiration for gifts. One of the many wonderful things about Today I Wish is our huge section on gift ideas. We cover gift ideas for boys and girls of all ages. As Today I Wish is an online community devoted to gift giving, if you have any of your own gift ideas you would like to share, make sure you add it to these pages.
  • Write a good introduction. A friendly wish list is a more successful with list. Chirstmas is a time of love, so make sure you express your feelings this year and remember to thank the important people in your life.
  • Include individual people. Your family and friends will get more than just a buzz from seeing their name in your wish list. The "Things money can't buy" section of your Today I Wish wishlist is a perfect place to ask for favors or list things you love about people. Why not try asking for a recipe (see our case study on this for a great story related to this) or a ride in your friend's new car.
  • Spread the word. You will need to tell all your friends and family about your new Christmas wish list. Today I Wish allows you to email your friends and family with a link to your wish list. We also encourage you to add a link to the wish list or our home page from your blog or personal website. One of the great pieces of feedback we have received is that people who link from their blog to Today I Wish love the convenience and update their wish list more often.
  • Update reguarly. If you don't update your wishlist reguarly, your family will hound you to do so. Make sure you keep it up to date well before each birthday and Christmas. If someone gets you something, make sure you remove it from the list.

Things money can't buy

Today I Wish allows you to list more than just items you can buy in a shop. Help out your friends doing it tough this year by listing things money can't buy. This is one of the many unique features about Today I Wish. We understand that Christmas is more than just a time of giving material gifts. Not everyone has an unlimited budget and often family want to do more for you than buy things.

Time to write your wish list for Christmas

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