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Case Study, March 2007

Ask the Genie - Things Money Can't Buy

To see how expectations, value systems, resources and cultural influences impact on the success of our gift giving let's analyse a situation where gift giving resulted in disappointment. . Every month we analyse a new problem. Comments are very welcome!

Case Study for March 2007
The things that money can't buy: Oscar, Kate and Kate's mother Cecilia (not their real names).

Background: Kate and Oscar have been married for six years. Oscar works as a bookkeeper and Kate has a part time job in retail. They both work hard but it's a struggle to make ends meet with rent and child care expenses costing so much. Kate is fond of her family who live close by and she is wanting to buy a present for her mother, Cecilia, who will be turning 52 in a week. Oscar's relationship with his mother in law is cordial, but strained by the way Cecilia continually laments their modest home and lifestyle. He believes that Cecilia is disappointed that Kate did not marry a previous boyfriend whose successful marketing career is mentioned in many of Cecilia's conversations. Kate asks her mother what she would like for her birthday and she replies "Nothing dear, I have everything that I want" then tells them about her friend who was taken to Paris by her daughter as a birthday treat. And no, she does not think that making a wish list is a good idea, she is not greedy.

The Gift: With limited resources Kate and Oscar decide to be creative. Kate takes a photo of her mother together with Kate and Oscar's curly haired toddlers and she puts it into a simple silver plated frame. They invite Cecilia and some other family members to a picnic BBQ at a scenic bay side location. It's a beautiful warm day and although Cecilia does not appreciate the flies she does enjoy being with a loving family. Oscar is particularly attentive, and is hurt when Cecilia remarks that the day was 'a cheap way to celebrate'. Oscar is deflated. It seemed like a perfect gift.

The Problem: Money is only one of the resources lacking. Successful gift giving requires generosity on the part of both the giver and the receiver. In not recognising the value that Kate and Oscar put into her celebration Cecilia has lost the opportunity to give the gift of gratitude. Acknowledging her enjoyment would have empowered both Oscar and Kate in their dealings with authority figures in their working world. It would have gone a long way to making Oscar feel welcome in the family and made Kate feel that her choices have been respected. It was perhaps as 'perfect' a gift as Cecilia would ever receive, just not acknowledged as such. What a wasted opportunity!

The outcome: Relations are still strained between Oscar and Cecilia. He and Kate do not visit quite so often. Kate decides that, as much as she loves her mother, she will not follow her example and behave so ungenerously. So when her birthday comes around she makes a wish list at and takes the opportunity to list 'picnic on the grass with Oscar, Toby and Todd' as a gift 'that money can't buy'. Oscar sees that Kate still loves French Perfume and stretchy blue jeans. He would love to buy her everything on her long list of wishes but money is too hard to come by. It doesn't matter. Kate is not greedy. She might have gone up a dress size since the children but those snug blue jeans are enough to make them both smile.

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rajwinder kaur
i been struggling from past few years seems like my life is not going anywhere i am just lost now. i just took pre-entrance exam last friday 8/21/09 i wish i will pass it other wish i will brake this time and will not be the same as before.please pray tht i will pass this exam.


i wish i could help my parents financially and lessen their burden.


i wish i could be more strong emotionally,mentally and personality wise.


Children are a blessing from God, something that money cannot buy.
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i wish my mom let me buy anything.


i wish i had a wishing rock


robert dealand brown
i wish had a wishing roch


i want a 100 dolles


I wish that my dads friend Vicky lived next to my mum and that her kids Ellie and Ethan went to the same school as me






nur atiqah
I wish I have iPhone 4s
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i wish i was a size 22 girl


Tom Warren
i wish i was magic
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I wish my dreams come true
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I wish I had 10,000 IPads and 10,000 Nintendo 3DSXLs
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I wish I had 10,000 IPads and 10,000 Nintendo 3DSXLs
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I wish to have a clone of myself.


I wish to have a lot of money, and a good fortune.


These wishes are for it to happen very, very, very soon.
I wish for all of the money, gold, silver, material things, precious stones, semi-precious stones, wealth, riches, treasures, garments, coral, ivory, diamonds, pearls, jewelry, jewels, gems, coins, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, turquoise, opal, topaz, & amethyst of the world; hereís why. Since I am already in debt terribly and never wanted to be and have been trying to get out of ever since (for years) I wish God will think like I do and agree. I need and want to pay off all of my debts, student loans, ( and since I am in this predicament, why not give me all the money to get out of this and sustain me at 59 years old? Who is it going to hurt? Surely not me! It will only help me. There is one catch; I will pay off all of my debt never to get in debt again and just get my stuff in life, which is nothing illegal or immoral or inappropriate; just my small lot in life to go where Iíd like to go, be what I would like to be, and do what I would like to do. And, I would give it right back through organizations or whatever, because Iíll find the right ones, so why not take advantage of this situation, give me the money and I will give it right back after doing what is right with it). I need and want it to pay my bills for the rest of my remaining years; to have all of the money to sustain me and to be self-sufficient in the wilderness and rural places amongst the meadows and rivers and the like; with nature and all of its' creatures and treasures; the landscape and scenery and the like for the rest of my years. Please; I have lost many years and much time. To be totally dependent upon myself and no others is part of this wish also and to have the money come very, very, very, very soon; through lotteries, contests, and sweepstakes and the like; to have it come freely, unconditionally, and with an open hand without any debts, dues to pay, delays, detours, evil, negativism, repercussions, consequences, doubts, unbelief, darkness, death, or the devil and all of his cohorts being involved in any way and the like, and without any hidden fees and so on And for it to be granted by a supernatural and divine intervention. That all angels will bring the answer to me soon and fight back the evil angels that would try to stop it or delay it or have any involvement in it whatsoever. Let Michael the Archangel come with the granted wish and also Gabriel. I wish for the wish to be granted and to be able to do and have all the ability to do what I am wishing for in this wish forever and with no legal or illegal things coming my way; nothing, in any shape or way, to prevent the wish from coming true or to keep it from me or take any part of it from me so it will not all be fulfilled and lived forever once it is granted and as I wish it inside and outside. All of these things must be forever with no strings attached and not contrary in any way that is according to my will and thoughts within and according to my kind of life. Only the perfect, the good, the physical life and life itself and the like, I wish to come to me as I see it now; in a heavenly state, condition, and sense and as I intend and according to the motive of my heart now. I wish to have it come quickly to come for me personally and for me individually; to have it to call my own and for me only to do what I want and need to; to literally own all of it by myself. I wish to have my own place and land in the area I can freely choose for all the time I would want there; all of these things to be granted for me alone forever. And, any other good, pure, righteous, honest, Godly, lovely, and true thing and the like, I wish for it only. But I do not wish for the bad, evil, or opposite of things that don't bring just life and wonít bring what I am wishing here now for all infinity.
Also my wish is to be taken care of, fed, and have drink, and clothing and all that I need to live self-sufficiently in the place I can freely choose and freely live without any hassles, accusations, lies, problems, trials, temptations, tests, pressures, and injustices and the like. That they will not be near or approach me or be in my life. That no person or thing and whatever will be against me or stop or try to stop me from fulfilling my wish once the money comes; and that no creature or element of the earth (such as weather) will stop me. Of course, no disease, no illness, no wound or injury, or accident must not try to stop me or delay me in living with my granted wish. And that there will be no personal wars, battles, or fights with any entity, agency, institution, government, law enforcement, and all of the enforcers past, present, and future, because of me having the money and doing with it what I want and need to for the rest of my years. I have longed for this for a very long time, because I belong in the woods and not in the city. I belong where you can see the stars and so on. And no interruptions or disruptions in any way, shape, or form, to delay, stop, prevent, or detour me from all of my wish and its' fulfillment. So: My wish is for all, every, any, and each detail to be granted in the way I wished it here and that all, every, any, and each of all of the bad side of my wish that I mentioned, and the possibilities and the like, will not come my way forever and for all of my remaining years. And that no evil and the like will be in my way anymore; no threats, no destruction, injury, or any such thing from anyone, thing, creature, or the earth's natural elements and the like. Thank you.
I wish for my healing of my left leg also with no complications or consequences and without seeing a doctor. All that I wished for above applies to this wish also. I was hit by a car while walking in the crosswalk in January of 2005. It broke my left leg and I had never had a broken bone up to that time. It wasn't meant to be. I had an awful experience with the doctor. I am not used to doctors. I never really was under a doctor's care. Fortunately, I came out of it unscathed and since then I have had no pain in my leg or knee or anything. For 6 years I have been painless with this and it was done without surgery. I haven't done alot with my leg, but I do alot of walking, but no running or swimming or heavy labor like I use to; yet. But, now around my knee there is pain up into my thigh and the leg seems stiff in that area. I don't know how this could be after 6 years of no pain whatsoever. If pain was to come, surely it would have come by now along with any other complications. The only thing I can think of is that I twisted it somehow during the night in bed and I must have done it pretty hard. There is something there that caused it; I don't believe it happened by itself. So, I wish for all pain to leave and never return forever, for eternity, and for infinity. I wish to have complete, perfect healing and health for my leg with no pain or stiffness. So, may all that I wished for previously be applied to this situation; my left leg. And not only for my left leg, but my lungs and respiratory areas and for all of my body forever.
Also, I wish for healing, health, vitality, restoration, rejuvenation, strength, and thickness for my hair. I have long hair and I wish to keep it. So, all that I wished for in this writing applies to this wish; all, every, any, each and for the past, present, and future and for all time, eternity, infinity, and forever; perfectly and exactly.
But, I wish all, every, any, and each thing taken care of about these things for the past, present, and future. All, every, any, and each thing about it and more to be done with these also. I want it to be as though it never happened whatever it was and that all will be the same as far as I am concerned with me living there and all, every, any, each. I also give another request that is unspoken, but also I canít remember what it was either, but whatever it was along with all the other requests I canít think of now, but will in the future or have thought of it; the same for these as for the other wishes perfectly and exactly. I want everything to be applied to this request also, that is applied to the other requests. But, I wish all, every, any, and each thing taken care of about these things for the past, present, and future. Also, I want everything in my life to be restored as it once was and re-aligned, because of three abuses toward me in my life and for things to work out for me while I'm here in Tucson and in Arizona and in the South, the Southwest, the West, the MidWest, the Northwest, and the North, and the coastal regions. I want things to become back into balance with nature and the way it was supposed to be with me on this earth. I want everything to be put in its' place as it once was in my life way back when I was a teenager, and a pre-teen, and in my twenties; when the stars, planets, solar systems, moons, galaxies, suns, asteroids, meteors, comets, and the whole universe was in that place at the time, since that time and before that time; I want it the same as if I was living in that time. I believe it. That all of the Milky Way galaxy, our observable universe, and for all of the universe to be re-aligned in the place it was years ago concerning me. And to remain as such that I may regain the equilibrium from the balance of the universe at those times. May it turn back and reverse to the same positions above me as before forever. So space and time, comets and suns and all, every, any, each for the past, present, and future, I want restored and balanced as it once was then. First of all, I did things that were not right when the stars, planets, and universe were lined up in a certain way at that time and things were done to me and wrongs were done to me since I was even a pre-teen. So, I would like the natural universe to give me a second chance and a good, fair opportunity to get back to the life I had (not of wrong doing) when life was simpler. Also, because I have missed life and I never really lived life after I left home in 1974 and in 1976. So, I want all things to be put back as far as the universe is concerned and to be lined up as I went through life with the way they were at the time (but this time I will be different under the stars and won't do those things I had done or have done since; including being in a cult, which I didnít know it was, and not following the false teaching of the Lordís second coming)under that alignment and for the sake of what has happened to me since that time up to this time and for all time, eternity, and infinity and the like. No consequences, debts to pay, "hidden fees", dues to pay, negativism, evil, darkness, repercussions, crimes, interruptions, or disruptions, or any thing that is not of life and construction are not to come my way as I wish this; no destruction or anything (all, every, any, and each)that will be contrary to my wishes here and the way I want, will, and need them to be granted and how I am asking, desiring, intending, and in my motivation. Nothing of this sort is to develop or materialize to me or to anything that has to do with my life forever. (All, every, any, each). Everything now that is in my soul, spirit, and mind and heart about this balance and to have things lined up as they once were,I wish for and I would like your agreement and take up this request for me.
I want everything covered through this wish and for all to be granted and even the things I have not written down or thought of or desire that would only be for my strength, good, and well-being, and that I have in my spirit, soul, mind, heart, thoughts, and in my knowing . I believe this can and will happen. I need financial miracles to pay off all of my student loans and other debts and to be free financially and in every way. So, all that I said for the other requests is to be applied to this request also and more. So thank you, thank you in advance for the universe and beyond and to this earth and all the spheres to be re-aligned as it once was in my life, where life was better and good for me. Thank you.
These things are related, which I am about to say, and I want them out of my life (along with all of my requests here) forever. It bothers me and is used against me by the devil and his cohorts and death. I want every, all, any, and each thing with these first two requests, especially, to be taken care of concerning the past, present, and future. I don't want it to be near to me or to be in any of my life or affairs or whatever. I want it to be as though it never happened and to make things the same before it happened. And this must be for all time, kinds of time, for eternity, and infinity. Everything about it must be working for me and more.
The other requests are: I was at a bus stop about two years ago and something happened. It is an unspoken request. It was nothing illegal that I did and it didn't disturb anyone's peace, and I apologized to the person that happened to be walking by that early morning as I was waiting for the bus. I didn't know he was there while I was being loud and letting off some steam (so to speak; I do this once in awhile and it is not toward anyone, but just mumbling and grumbling by myself and sometimes I am loud and sometimes people come around like from behind me and I don't know they are there while Iím letting off steam), so it wasnít to him, but just by myself. I was doing it just into the air and was loud, while I was grumbling and mumbling to myself. Like the first two requests, I want it all taken care of in the same way and fashion for all time, eternity, and infinity; never to bother me again or whatever. It has bothered me ever since and I just don't want it in my life anymore. And, for all involved past, present, and future; everything in this request. I want things to be the same as though it never happened and more. And, with anyone else that may have heard or will hear me, I don't want this to be used against me, because it is not toward them, but just when I am by myself I let it out. But, I donít want to do it anymore and I donít want anyone or anything to use it against me or in any way, especially badly. I donít want them to think anything of it and to know that I was just letting off steam into the air. It is not against them. So, this request not to yell and all that is applied to the other wishes must be applied perfectly and exactly to this next wish, which is that no one will use it against me at any time they heard me, but will forget it and not ever think of it and to let it go. That no one will be alarmed or anything if they heard me and all that I think and want in my heart now must be applied to this. I want it ended, not only for me not to do it, but for no one past, present, and future to use it in any way, shape, or form. All, every, any, and each; past, present, and future. So whatever I can say about it and havenít said about this important matter I want it as part of my wish and for it to be granted according to my other wishes. So, all that is applied to these other requests in my first wishes, I want to be applied to this also with no consequences, repercussions, and the rest that I said about the other things. I wish all that I wished for concerning the other things be granted me for this too: very, very, very, very soon. And if I tell anybody about this, that they themselves will not use it against me or try to. That it will all be taken care of; all, every, any, each and past, present, and future. This includes anybody for all time and that all that is applied to this request be it applied to those I tell. Since I have written these wishes it has happened 2 times more and one time someone may have heard me. I would like all of this to be covered also and for all to be applied in the same exact, perfect way for this wish as for the other wishes. Thank you.
And, another time I was at another bus stop and I was there not to hang around or anything like that (I take the bus all of the time). I wasn't there to deal drugs, or to drink and so on; I don't do those things. I was there waiting to speak to a busdriver that dropped me off earlier and I forgot to tell her something in our conversation on the bus. I was telling her how this other bus earlier that day had drove right in front of me as I was walking across the crosswalk. As I waited there for awhile, I thought I had better ask one of the drivers who stopped there, if I could wait around. I told him what I was doing and he said ok. Some other drivers that stopped there knew what I was doing also, because I asked them a few questions about things and told them what I was doing. They never told me to move on and they should have. Well, one of those drivers called the road supervisor and he came and told me I wasn't supposed to ask about drivers and thought it would be a good idea to leave. Naturally, I agreed after him telling me this and I left. But, the police said, technically, I wasn't loitering or breaking the law (because I called and asked them), but I was breaking the bus rules, which I didn't know this either until the supervisor came. The other drivers didn't mention anything to me about it and should have told me, if they thought it something, and I would have left. They should have told me and not called the road supervisor, although nothing happened. I take the bus all of the time and have for years. Like the other requests, I want this all taken care of with all and everyone involved; past,present, and future. I don't want it to bother me and be used against me by any demon, person, and so on or by death itself for all time, for eternity, and for infinity. I don't want to feel any bad way about it and I want it as though it never happened and to make it the same, with no consequences, evil, negative things, repercussions, memories, feeling of debts to pay or dues to pay, and the like coming my way forever. I want everything covered and nothing to be used against me in a bad, unproductive way nor in any, all, every, and each way. Everything must work for my good in this and for life, not death, but for peace, not confusion or disturbance either and it must happen very, very, very, very soon and more. All that I wished for in the other requests I wish for this in the same way and the like. Everything.
Also, at one of the bus transit centers here one evening, I was waiting for the bus and a younger guy approached me and asked me if I had a cigarette. I said I donít smoke and as he walked away I heard him grumbling under his breath and I believe he said Iím going have to stab some of these people. He was grumbling because he thought I did have cigarettes and I wouldnít give him one. He probably was said no earlier or for other things in the past he may have asked for. After hearing this I approached him and told him he couldnít be going around and saying he might stab people. Not that he would and he wasnít saying this to me directly, but he was making a statement. So I told him how I felt about it and he didnít like that and denied it. I told the security guard what happened, but I didnít want him to do anything at that point. Then, as I was by the security office and the security guard was right near, the guy came back and asked me if I had a problem and then he said I was lying, because he said he didnít ask me for a cigarette. Well, the guard didnít do or say much, I apologized to the guy for everything and the person went on his way. So, really, nothing happened. But, like the rest of my requests here, I want this to be applied in the same way as though nothing happened and to make it the same. Also, that everything will be covered concerning this matter and that no consequences or bad vibes or negative things will come of it. So, all, every, any, each to be applied this for all time and for everything, including the past, present, and future.
I want to be fully assured and confident that I will go to heaven. I want to know and live in the free gift of it all and to be free in this way. And, I want to know I'll be going to heaven. I need this peace about it and rest and everything about it and I want everything I said for my other requests to be applied to this request also. Everything covered forever, for all time, for eternity, for infinity, and once and for all. This is my wish and I want this also applied as all the other wishes. So, all, every, any, each for the past, present, future and I wish for it as I wished for all the other things in this writing to be applied to this exactly and perfectly. And one last wish. I am getting ready to end this trial of life that has been going on for over 38 years. I am getting ready, organized, and prepared for something big to happen. So all that I had wished for in this huge letter I wish for all of it to happen perfectly and exactly. All, every, any, and each; past, present, and future; everything. Thank you.
Another wish is to have everything the same as though nothing changed when I used to live on Wilmot Road. May all that is applied to the other wishes be applied to this also in every way; all, every, any, each and everything; past, present, and future; everthing. Thank you.
For my another request; it has to do with doctors. I was never really under a doctor's care until my accident. And, my assumptions and speculations about doctors were on the mark. I got a bad doctor and my life and future was in his hands and I don't like to be in that vulnerable position ever again. I came out of it unscathed, but he did 2 or 3 things that weren't right on. He was for the money. And my leg wasn't healing. He is of the world. So, with the rest of the doctors, I don't want to see another doctor until the end comes of my life, but not even then, if I can help it. Some of you may know what I am talking about. I don't want to deal with all of that, because to me, in a way, is not the Lord; I mean not to have to go through what I had gone through during my accident is of the Lord. But complications and things of this world are not of the Lord. It is enough to get hit by a car, but to be in a position where others can take advantage of you and prey on your wounds, so to speak, and let your future be unclarified is no where to be. I am not exaggerating here. It was a scary time, but I wasn't scared. Anyways, I want all of the other things I said for the other requests to be applied for this also. I want prevention and protection so I won't have to "deal" with another nurse or doctor before my time or from any type of hospital, clinic, and the like. It isn't right to have to anyways and it isn't right to be treated by them in such a cruel, unloving way. It is better for me, and I would feel more comfortable and at peace not have to deal with them nor be instructed by them. I like my personal freedom and so on. It was a bad experience and I don't want any more of them. In this same request, I have two more and it has to do with my neighbor and all involved, but is unspoken. I didnít do anything to him and he knows this. But, I was outside one evening working on the wall near my door and I was having a bad time with it and was getting upset, but I really didnít do anything to my neighbor. It is a small apartment complex and I told my landlord and apologized to him. I apologized for being that way (letting off some steam and so on) if he had heard me, because he came out of his place to leave and go somewhere and I was concerned he heard me and so on. But it wasnít toward him. I was just letting it out a little into the air. The bottomline is I donít want anything to become of it and I donít want the devil to use it or have it be death, but life. So, for all of the other requests and what I wrote to be applied to this request for the past, present, and future; I donít want it to bother me anymore or be used against me in any way or by any being, thing, or person. I donít want it to change any of the past with itsí related advantages it gave. I donít want it to effect the experiences I have had or the justice I had gotten from the past. I donít want anything stolen or taken away from the past because of it. So this is to apply for the past, present, and future and let all that I said in these wishes and requests be applied to these requests also; all, every, any, each. But, all, every, any, and each thing and the like I want taken care of; as though nothing happened and to make it the same. And nothing did happen. So, I want to be healed within because of this. And, that all that I requested for the other requests will be applied to this also; for all time, eternity, and infinity. Forever. I wish that all I wished for for the other wishes happen and apply to this also and to my other neighbors and landpeople and any others that know or will know about this; very, very, very, very soon. In short, I wish I werenít dying, because without all of these wishes and more not being granted, I am dying. So, may all of what will be applied to the other wishes be applied to this also. All, every, any, each; past, present, and future: everything to be granted with this wish as with the other wishes. Thank you.
These are my wishes and I thank you they are granted according to all that I have spoken, wish, desire, thought, and said in this whole writing. Thank you.




Ariyana Bell
I wish I had blue eyes a big bootayy long curly hair a tall handsome amazing loyal boyfriend that everyone wants and for us to become successful together while being spoiled by our families as they spoil themselves and I'll grow up to be a famous singer actor and dancer as my boyfriend has a fascinating career in the NBA and we'll do what we please with no consult from our families unless it's bad for us or our career also with infinite money


nokulunga m
I wish my ex lover William could call me right now and tell me loves me and ask me out on a date this camping friday


nokulunga m
I wish my ex lover William could call me right now and tell me that he loves me and ask me out on a date this caming friday


George onotani
I wish that I became sexy and cute


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