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Gift Ideas for a Capricorn

22 December - 20 January

Symbol - Goat
Element - Earth
Planetary Ruler - Saturn
Colour - Green, grey, black
Sone - Garnet, onyx, turquoise

Gift Ideas for a Capricorn

A typical Capricorn has a practical, sober attitude to life. It's a work in progress. They have a well developed sense of responsibility and are very protective of their loved ones. It is tempting to show your Capricorn the lighter side of life but do make sure that your gift is something that they will value. Silly, jokey presents will disappoint. Consider practical presents with a stylish edge. Gifts such as a bottle of champagne, whisky, or red wine, a plantar of winter pansies, a thick silver chain, a CD of music from one of their favourite bands, a black denim sweater, onyx book ends or a weekend away in the countryside will do nicely.

The Capricorn personality is caught on the horns of a dilemma. On one hand they are motivated and aspire to achieve success, radiating self-confidence. On the other hand they posses a fatalistic introspection that saps their positive energy and can leave them inhibited and depressed. Often a Capricorn judges himself or herself according to other peoples' estimations. So one of the best gifts we can give a Capricorn is to be a steady supportive friend and to let them know that we have a high opinion of them. A heartfelt message on a birthday card, a friendship bracelet or ring, invitation to dinner with friends, an inscription on a bookmark in a book that we give them, or just sharing photos of you both will tell a Capricorn that they are an important part of your life.

A Capricorn child

The baby Capricorn can be a serious little soul. They look to their family for security and do well with a structured routine. Bring out their quirky sense of fun with hand puppets, jack-in-the-box, squeaky toys, and pop up books.

The growing Capricorn is often older than their years. They become aware of the security that money and possessions bring at an early age. A decorative money box, purse or wallet with a few coins, bank account or extra pocket money will rarely be fritted away. It's never too early to develop the emotional side of their personality as this will be a foil to the mathematical and scientific side that usually dominates. Story books, CDs, a musical instrument, art supplies, calligraphy set, DVDs, iPod/MP3, jewellery, fashionable accessories, or cuddly teddy, would be good.

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