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Gift Ideas for a Cancer

22 June - 22 July

Symbol - Crab
Element - Water
Planetary Ruler - the Moon
Colour - Silver grey/white
Stone - Moonstone/Pearl

Gifts for the Cancerian

A Cancerian has hidden depths of emotion beneath a brittle defensive shell. They are often nostalgic and cherish mementos of family and friends. Gifts to suit include beautiful cards and stationery, scrap booking materials, camera, photo albums and frames, decorative boxes for storage of mementos and a corkboard for the kitchen wall. From their most significant loved one they adore that special piece of jewellery containing a moonstone or pearl, a silver chain or a family heirloom piece like a watch or ring. It does not need to be priceless: Cancerians value the meaning more than the dollar value.

Cancerians' heart is in the home. They are natural cooks and love to nurture family and friends with good food and a warm welcome. Gifts that reflect this might be quality cooking utensils such as a skillet pan, tableware for sharing food such as a salad bowl or salad servers, linen for the table (casual or linen tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings, or placemats) and pantry items such as wine, raresberry vinegar, good olive oil or a set of mustards. Cancerians can have delicate digestive systems, so suggest they make a wish list of favourite foods.

Cancerians are likely to be worriers. They care deeply about others and this can lead to sometimes obsessive concern. Our gifts can help them find balance with carefree leisure activities. Think of sports gear for walking, running, cycling, swimming, gym, tennis, golf, and bowls. Then there are the less active pursuits such as poker and other card games, tickets to a concert, outing to a football game, lunch at your local café or invitation to dinner at your house.

Cancerians make avid collectors - some would say to the point of hoarding! Encourage them to make a wish list of what they would like to find in case you can locate it for them. Otherwise think of storage solutions such as stacking baskets, boxes, and display cabinet.

The Cancerian Child

The Cancerian baby is born to be sensitive, moody and intuitive: gurgles one minute, tears the next. They will pick up on your moods so take good care of yourself to make them also feel secure. A baby sling to keep them close, a baby monitor to check that they are not distressed, a digital ear thermometer to ensure that their cries are not due to fever. All excellent gifts when a baby Cancerian arrives.

Because a Cancerian child will tend to be emotional you will want to develop the logical side of their brain with jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, a meccano set. Surprisingly young children can master chess, draughts and Chinese checkers.

The Cancerian child will collect things from all over their environment and may be reluctant to part with their "collection" of rocks or seashells or insects... a cute toy box, plastic stationery drawer set, hat boxes or baskets are useful. Make sure there is a small gift inside: the Cancerian child is not as impressed by a tidy room as you are and might be otherwise puzzled by your gift.

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A cancerian.. umm me particularly would love a pendant or a hand made card!
that would be more than enough :)


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I'm a cancer and I would want a laptop, organising shelves, a cooking class, and a moonstone necklace or bracelet.
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