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April 14, 2007

Gift Ideas by Star Sign

We know just how hard it is to find gifts for people. That is why we have made this community website about gift giving. When looking for a gift for a friend, why not consider their star sign?

Today I Wish have provided plenty of gift suggestions for people based on their star sign. We have spend some time getting these pages ready. As well as being informative, they are also a lot of fun.

Remember to fill in your profile section for your account. You can now let people know what star sign you are.

March 11, 2007

Today I Wish becomes easier to use
Example of the new
profile pages

Restyled Profiles

To make our profiles easier to use, we have restyled them! The restyled is based on the success of the front page styling. Now, instead of having a 'Home' page and a 'Profile' page, you can do everything you need to do through your 'Profile' page.

So remember to get your friends to join Today I Wish and put their wish lists online. Help us build the best community website based on giving gifts!

View your contributions

We now keep track of the suggestions you make on the gift Gift Ideas and the Ask Genie page. Whenever you make a suggestion on one of these pages, we link it through to your profile. Now you can keep track of the contributions you make to this wonderful community website.

Birthday Wish List

We have also had a few people asking about how they can make a wish list for their birthday. So we have set up an information page about the topic. To find out more, visit our birthday wish list page.

March 6, 2007

Tell your friends

To help you tell your friends about Today I Wish, we have added an 'email your friends' section (once you have logged in of course) that allows you to tell people about our site without having to email them a wish list. You can even personalize the email, or use our default message.

Everybody knows at least one person who would love Today I Wish, so make sure you tell them about our web site.

March 4, 2007

Community launched!

After what seems like a million people asking how they can get their friends to join and see their friends wishlists without remembering their usernames, we have opened up the community aspect of the website! This means that the website is now even more fun!

First up, you can now upload your photo. This means that when people find you, they know it's you. Plus, who does't like looking at a photo of themselves every time they log into a website? It's fun and it's personal. You don't have to upload a photo of course but it is there for those that want to.

Each person gets their own profile page. At the moment it has your name, a brief description about yourself, your photo, friends and comments that people can leave. Plus there are links to your wish lists. This helps better flow to the website.

You can now place comments on each others profile pages. You can even comment on your own in response to what other people say. Your photo will display next to comments that you leave when you log on. You don't have to be logged on to make comments. We don't want to make the site restrictive in any way.

We find the adding friends section lots of fun. This means that you can easily jump from one friend's wish list section to another. You can request anyone to be your friend. They will either accept you or reject you. (Hopefully they will accept you because no one likes to be rejected!).

Now when you search for people you get taken to their profile page. You can still get to their wish lists, but we want to make the site more of a community site than a searching site.

If you want to see these features in action, view some of our example profiles we have set up. These are the people from the flash on the front page of the website.

Louise Murphy's Wish List
Louise Murphy's Profile

Steve Simpson's Wish List
Steve Simpson's Profile

Helen Alen's Wish List
Helen Alen's Profile

Remember: We know that these are cool features, but we want to assure you that we are still a community website about wish lists and gift giving. We want everyone to have fun while they are here and to keep coming back.

March 3, 2007

Ask Genie plus more gift ideas pages

If you are into gift giving then you will love Today I Wish now! We have added even more gift ideas pages. Check out our mothers day page and our over 80s page. We have also added an Ask Genie section, where Genie gives you excellent advice on gift giving. Just like the gift ideas section you can even add your own experiences.

February 20, 2007

Share your gift ideas

We have now allowed you to share your gift ideas! We have added a comments section to the gift ideas pages so you can now add ideas yourself. We have done a lot of work on these pages to come up with these ideas, but we are sure that you also have some good ones too. Check out our gift ideas pages for more information.

Our numbers are growing strongly too. We are aiming to make this the best community site for gift giving and wish lists without being one of those tacky commercial online-store type websites that no one wants to use.

February 5, 2007

Love is in the air...

It is only 9 days til valentines day and we have plenty of gift ideas for the special day! We have been working over time on getting the new gift ideas pages online. We now have most of the age groups (we've just got to get the over 80s done now) and add gift ideas for thank you presents, engagement presents and wedding presents.

January 26, 2007

Birthday Success

We have had our first family birthday for the year and EVERYONE used Today I Wish. Most of the presents the birthday girl got was on the wish list. A complete success! I can't wait for my birthday now.

It was a good trial run of the website. We've taken note of what people found easy or hard and are working on making more improvements for the website.

January 20, 2007

Site Redesign

Yes, this is the same "Today I Wish...", we have just changed the way the site looks! We've totally changed the site by making it much warmer and inviting. We really like it. On the front page we have made three big buttons that will make it easier for getting started on the website. We're keeping the "What's new at Today I Wish" section, however we're taking away the icons.

It's good to see that people are using the "reserve item feature" and adding things that money can't buy. These are things that help make this site the best!

January 15, 2007

Gift Ideas pages are here!

We have put our first gift ideas pages online! We have gift ideas for babies and children at the moment. We'll be extending it through to many more age groups. We just wanted to get a few pages online so people can start using them.

Our numbers are slowly growing. We have got quite a few people joining Today I Wish in it's first two weeks which is great. Remember to tell your friends to join because this web site is such a great idea and makes our lives so much easier!

We have added the functionality to email your friends your wish list. This is much easier than sending everybody your username. We still recommend sending people either your username or a link to your link. We've made the page pretty flexible so that searches for your username point to your wish list.

January 3, 2007

Welcome to Today I Wish - Make a Wish List!

After another christmas where everyone didn't know what to get each other, we decided to start 'Today I Wish'. What we wanted was a website where we could put our wish lists online, and let people tick things off when they get it. Our family already uses wish lists which we write in a book which we leave by the phone in the kitchen, but now that we have grown up and left home, it is hard to do that. We needed a centralized place to do so.

We must admit, the site design isn't the sexiest. We'll fix it up later. The dots get really annoying after a while. We want to go for a more soothing, warmer feel. After all, we are NOT a corporate site. We are a family, community site. Hence the lack of annoying banner ads for smilies.

At the moment, you can log in and make as many wish lists as you want. If you want so share your wish list, just email your user name to your friends and they can use the search box to find it.