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Birthday Wish List

What is a Birthday Wish List?

A birthday wish list is a list of gifts that someone wants to recieve for their birthday. These gifts usually range from things that people need to items that they dream of getting but know that no one will realistically buy for them.

Birthday wish lists can be made in a variety of ways. Before the internet, people used to write what they wanted on a piece of paper, just like a 'Dear Santa' letter, and leave it in a place where other people can find it. For instance, they might leave it near the telephone in the kitchen for their family to see it or put it on a notice board at work if they were close to their work mates.

These days, people are turning to the internet to help them write their birthday wish list. As people live further and further apart, a wish list written offline is impractical to read. Try putting your wish list online at a site like Today I Wish.

Is it greedy to write a wish list for your birthday?

It is not greedy to write a wish list for your birthday. Infact it is quite the opposite. It acknowledges that other people may not always know what to get for you. Because they care deeply about you, they will want to get the best present for you. Gift giving is never about greed. There are people who want more and more and that is greedy, but helping people help you is not. Not all of us have unlimited amounts of money. We don't like spending money on presents that will only go to waste. So help those who love you in making a wish list for your birthday.

How do I write my own birthday wish list?

The best place to start is to think about the things you like to do. If you register to make a wish list at Today I Wish, you will notice that our wish list creator allows you to list things other than just gifts. Today I Wish allows you to list the things that money can't buy, your favourite authors and music artists, your favourite activities and your favourite stores. So you don't just have to list specific items. You can guide people towards the places they should be looking.

Case Study: Michelle doesn't know what she needs
Michelle knows that she is impossible to buy for. Everybody says that she has everything that she needs. Her birthday is coming up and her friends ask her what she wants. They are fed up on buying her silly presents that she never uses and ask her to make a birthday wish list.

So Michelle decides to join Today I Wish. She goes to make a wish list and notices that they ask more than just what gifts people can buy her. She decides to leave the gifts for starters and instead starting telling people about herself. She writes an introduction and lists her clothes sizes and favorite colors. Then she starts writing the things she wishes for that no one can buy for her. She starts to see that the reason she is hard to buy for is because she likes to do things that money can't buy. Her idea of a perfect birthday is a picnic in the park with friends, eating cheese and drinking nice wine. She also notices that she is moving soon and will need help doing so and lists that too.

After listing things that money can't buy, she notices that there are some gifts that would complement these things. She likes nice wine, so why don't her friends buy her some. She loves cheese from Europe, so she lists that as well. As she is moving, she has a lot of heavy things to move and so maybe a trolley to help her move those things are a great gift ideas as well. She'll need tools to help her set up her new place and hang pictures on the wall, so she lists that as well and soon she notices she has no art for her new place and decides to add these to her wish list.

Before long, Michelle has a very comprehensive birthday wish list. She emails her wish list to her friends and they come to Today I Wish to read it. That year, Michelle got almost everything she listed and her friends were so happy that they gave her things for her birthday that she actually wanted. They even threw a surprise picnic for her that weekend. Now all her friends use Today I wish to make their birthday wish list.

So help me get started in writing a birthday wish list

Go to our make a wish list page and register for free. Start listing the things that you want and the things that you like to do. Also view some of our gift ideas pages and example wish lists for inspiration. Then remember to invite all your friends and family to view your wish list. If they join too, they can add you as their friend so they can easily find your wish list in the future. So join the world's best community website for gift giving.