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Gift Ideas for an Aries

March 21-April 20

Planetary Ruler-Mars

Gift Ideas for Aries

Aries are competitive. Just as their star sign is the first in the celestial year, Aires enjoy their natural position in the front rank. Think of the latest technical advances in their chosen sports equipment such as new trainers, a new putting iron, light frame racing bike, tennis racquet. There is much scope to outpace the competition in business so consider business accessories such as good quality cuff links, belt, tie, business shirt, briefcase, computer case, backpack, pen, and wallet or card case. The latest mobile phone, blackberry or laptop/notebook will stoke the fire.

Aries are adventurous and hungry for new experiences. They are courageous and quick to learn new skills. A great gift for an Aries would be a voucher for a paragliding or parasailing. They would enjoy hot air ballooning, white water rafting and an hour driving a fast car around a racing track. Aries love their wheels. Gifts for the car such as a thorough clean and polish, navigation aid or road directory would please the male or female Aries.

Aries have abundant physical and nervous energy. So they need fuel. They like the fiery cayenne pepper, red chillies and mustard but their health is better served with more traditional fare. So serve up something spicy but make sure it's wholesome. Consider a dinner of Indian curry, Thai takeaway, Mexican enchiladas or Cajun blackfish. A dash of chilli in the spaghetti sauce will warm an Aries heart. Aries often spend their lives in a mad rush, so entice your Aries to relax with an exotic beer or foreign wine.

Aries are impulsive, dramatic and passionate. Red roses, a diamond stud, or an unexpected weekend away are all gifts that an Aries will find exciting. Be inventive, Aries love new experiences!

The Aries child

Aries children are born with the will to win. Even as young children they will compete with their bigger brothers and sisters for attention and admiration. Parents can temper this characteristic by keeping them physically active. Think of gifts like a soccer ball, bicycle or tricycle, inline skates, or tennis lessons. Dance such as ballet or jazz allow for physical energy to be expended and for our little Aries to feel admired.

Aries children are enthusiastic and adventurous. So why not give take them camping or on a nature walk. A great birthday present would be a 2 man tent. Even if you only got as far as the backyard the Aries child would enjoy the change of location. Think of other gifts like a compass, bug catcher, butterfly net, chemistry set, microscope, telescope, binoculars and meccano set. Aries make great engineers.

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Elizabeth Vining
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I'm and aries and i love dancing i would personaly give a sports ticket because all the aries i know love sports including me!good luck!=)

this is way too true haha! a dancer with a will to be first and a love for adventures and

im good in soccer than anyone i play with in my location #thnx to be an aries

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