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Gift Ideas for an Aquarius

21 January - 18 February

Symbol - Water Bearer
Element - Air
Planetary Ruler - Uranus
Colour - electric blue
Stone - Amethyst, aquamarine

Gift Suggestions for an Aquarian

Aquarians are fiercely independent individuals. They are mostly friendly outgoing people who are at the same time protective of their privacy. One of the best gifts we can give an Aquarian is Space in their lives. Oftentimes family and friends consume the time that is not given over to work. This fatigues the Aquarian, and they may become eccentric and emotionally detached. Something as simple as a good book, art and craft supplies or gardening equipment may tell your Aquarian that it's fine to take time out. Aquarians thrive in fresh air so also consider mountaineering equipment, a session paragliding, a kayak, surfboard, skateboard, bicycle or in-line skates. Just sitting in the local café reading a newspaper will make an Aquarian content.

Aquarians are intelligent and innovative. They like to research, experiment and invent. You can feed this passion with books, computer supplies, mobile phone and accessories, stationery, or DVDs relating to their chosen field of research. But don't forget that intellectual pursuits involve little exercise. Perhaps you would rather entice your Aquarian out of doors with sports gear, beach bag, beach towel, sports socks/sweat band/singlet, football, tennis or golf equipment.

Aquarians are lively, witty and unconventional. They like to challenge traditional beliefs and customs. Tickets to the latest fringe theatre production, a night of stand-up comedy or taking in an art exhibition may suit. Otherwise, think of interesting pieces of clothing, a piece of amusing pottery for their home, or dinner with family or friends at an exotic eating place.

The Aquarian Child

The Aquarian baby is generally blessed with a happy nature. Don't worry if they are not particularly demonstrative, they are probably just taking time out to have a think about this new world. Gifts for an Aquarian baby include a musical mobile, a colourful stained glass sticker for the nursery window, a crystal and aquamarine light catcher, or lightweight but warm clothing that is loose enough not to restrict movement.

The growing Aquarian may exhibit signs of the stubbornness that this star sign is famous for. They are often expressing a need to assert their independence. A persistent, reason based discipline is called for to prevent both of you from becoming alienated. Think of presents that will encourage physical time out and an affinity with fresh air that is so beneficial to an Aquarian. Sports equipment, bicycle, skates, toboggan, Billy cart, outside playhouse, swing set, swimming accessories like towel, beach bag, sunglasses, water proof watch would all be good. An interactive computer game, Playstation, joy sticks, board or card games, building set like Meccano or Lego, also suit the Aquarian's friendly nature.

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