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Steve Simpson's wishlist - Steve Simpson
Age: 24, Shoe Size: 10, Collar: 40, Belt Size: 34,
Preferred Colors:
Blue, Black, Green

I've got my 25th in a few weeks so I hope you're all coming to the party! Work is getting serious now so I need things to keep me going.

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DVD's - X Men, Matrix, usual action films Buy Now
Tools and a tool box Buy Now
iPod nano for jogging Buy Now

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Help with my party. I've got two projects due the week before Explore
Help moving into my new place next month Explore

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Bob Sinclar Find
Sneaky Sound System Find
Snow Patrol Find
Basement Jaxx Find
BeatFreakz Find

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Bike Riding Explore
Looking after my car! Explore
Entertaining friends Explore
Camping Explore

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