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Louise Murphy's wishlist - Louise Murphy
Age: 26, Shoe Size: 8, Dress Size: 8 to 10,
Preferred Colors:
black, pink(any shade), blue, silver

I'm thinking of a BBQ in my backyard this birthday. let me know if you can come.

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classy black backpack for wearing to work; as corporate as possible. Buy Now
memory stick Buy Now
Blank DVDs Buy Now
running gear; crop top /shorts. Black or marle/pink. Buy Now
halogen lamp for my bike Buy Now
obsession for women Buy Now
spray on tan Buy Now
hair straigtener Buy Now

Things money can't buy Explore
Sunday morning rides with Cat and Steve Explore
That great Friday night feeling! Explore
more time! Explore
Sunday night dinner with my family Explore

Favorite Stores Go To
Rebel Sports Go To
Billabong Go To

Favorite Music Artists / CDs Find
Scissor Sisters Find
Beyonce Find
Ludacris Find
Cold Play Find
Moby Find
Pink Floyd Find

Favorite Authors Find
Tolkein Find

Favourite Activities Explore
cycling Explore
listening to music as I run Explore
friday night drinks Explore
eating out Explore
watching Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs Explore

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