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Help for Today I Wish...

This page will provide a quick guide to help you using the TodayIWish website. If you have any further questions not answered here, feel free to direc them to us via our contact page.


Registration can be done at any time through any one of our pages when you are not logged into the system already. Registration is free and only requires a username which you choose, a password, your full name and an active email address. Please ensure the email address you provide is active and you have control over.

Making your first Wish List / Editing a Wish List

To make your first wish list, log in or register, and then click on the link titled "Make a new Wish List". You will be presented with a new page which allows you to choose a name for your wish list, details about yourself (all optional, but will be very helpful to other people who are trying to get you gifts), and spaces to add things to your wish list. The most important section is the 'gifts' section. Fill in everything you would possibly like here. You can add as many as you wish. Use the button to add more fields. You can come back and alter the wish list at any time.

Viewing and Deleting a Wish List

You can view and delete a wish list from your home page when you are logged in. Simply click on the "Delete" or "View" text next to the wish list of choice.

Letting your friends know about your Wish List

It is important that you let all your friends and family know about your wishlist. To email a wishlist link to your friends or family, simply click on the email envelope on your home page in, or follow the "Save and Email" link at the bottom of the Edit Wish List page. You can add as many emails as you wish.
Important: Emails will be send with your name as the sender and your email address as the return email address. This is because YOU are the one sending the email, not us. Even though the email is sent from our servers, we take no responsibility for these emails. For a more personalised approach, take note of the URL when you VIEW a wish list, and send that to your friends.

Viewing a Wish List

To view a wish list that a friend made, simply search for their email address or username in the search box. You will either get their wish list if they only have one, or a list of wish lists if they have multiple.
You can even reserve items to let others know that you are interested in buying it, or let people
know that it has already been bought. We even provide a purchase link for you to view
online for the items. is Free is free for you to use and we will not ask you for money.