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Your very own Gift Registry!

Now you can have your very own gift registry. Put your wish list online and send it to your friends and family. You can list information about your favorite gifts, activities, authors, artists and stores, plus things that money can't buy! It's so easy! Simply:

  1. Register using the registration form below
  2. Create a new wish list
  3. Email your friends your wish list

Make your wish list Imagine just how much fun it would be having your own personal gift registry. Your friends can tick off items if they get them for you, or reserve them for a few days if they are seriously thinking about it. We provide links to help people find, research and purchase the items. Most people prefer to buy their presents offline so we do our best to help them do so.

Gift suggestions

Today I Wish also has a gift ideas page that can give you inspiration for writing your wish list. Your
family and friends can also use it for finding extra things you may have missed.

So join today and get what you really want!