Gifts Ideas for a Man's 30th Birthday

A man may be very busy when he reaches his 30th birthday, so finding a gift to suit his life can be a difficult task. He is several years into his career and may be starting a family by now. However it is important to stop in order to celebrate important occasions like a 30th birthday, so Today I Wish has compiled this list of birthday gift ideas to get you started.


30th Birthday Presents for Him

Things for the house - Entertaining
Is he a man with his own house that likes to entertain? Men often love having their friends around, especially as they start to begin families and eating out isn't as easy and affordable to do all the time. Consider..

  • Cooking: A new BBQ, Gas bottles or coals for the BBQ, an apron, mitts, other BBQ tools. Receipe book for steaks, salads and vegitables (manly foods). Good set of steak knives, glasswear, platters, bread bowl, condiments. Items for the table.
  • Drinking: Wine - try some from another country or a grape he may not have had before. Books and guides on wine are a good present for a man's 30th. Also consider beer, whisky, something fine and smooth.
  • Entertaining: Boardgames, brain teasers, DVDs or Blueray - buy him a new player if the old one is getting a bit rusty. TV Series on DVD.

A man will have often achieved a lot by this age - in his career and in his family. He may appreciate finer things and his tastes may be more refined, so let this help you be inspired when finding a gift. Passing the 30th mark offers a fresh start to adult hood, where a man can be mature without losing the energy of youth.

For a man who likes entertaining but lives in a small apartment, consider gifts that take up no room at all. A night out to a restaurant, a boys weekend away, a night out on a cruise (if you city has one) or a fishing trip. He may feel uneasy about his change in age, especially if he is the older of his siblings and friends. Try activities that are active and that he certainly enjoyed in his youth, such as a trip to the beach or a BBQ in the park.

Man of the house:
These gift ideas for a man's 30th Birthday are useful for a guy who has his own home. He'll need to take care of things, so go to your local hardware store and see what they have that could be useful for him.

He'll need tools such as a screw driver set (long handled screw drivers are useful), drill set, electronic sander and hammer set. If he has a garden, he'll need gloves (you can never have too many pairs), a wheel burrow, saw and other tools. Most hardware stores and nurseries do gift vouchers these days, so it may be useful to see what they have. Of course, you should encourage him to make a wish list so he can hint what he really needs.

Presents for the garden are often useful at this age. Consider a new lawn mower, an edger, a blower vac for the lazy (not a good gift for the environmentally conscience), secateurs (look into both the short handled and the long handled varieties) and safety gear.

Gifts for the active 30 year old

Playing sport and games:
Men can still be boys at 30, so don't be the one to take away the fun. Maybe a Wii or Playstation is what he needs to unwind at the end of the day. Consider the following presents for his 30th:

  • Consoles and Games Wii with Wii Sports or Wii Fit, XBox, Playstation. Games such as Fifa or Ice Hockey allow him to play with his friends or alone while also keeping his love of sport alive.
  • Active sports: Can he take up a new sport such as cycling or golf? Maybe he can save money on transport or the gym and ride a bike to work. He'll need a bike, helmet, safety lights (front and back). Golf requires glubs, balls, shoes, clothes and a rule book. Go to your local sports store and see if there are any other types of games he may be into. If this failes, get him to make his Wish List of Today I Wish.

The party man
A busy man may not get time to spend browsing for books, movies or music. Help him out by sharing some of your own 'culture' with him. Start with music you know he'll probably love but doesn't have yet. Movies are cheap and easy gifts. Jump online to see what specials you can get for his 30th birthday gift. You can sometimes get several series of TV shows for less if you take the time to shop around.

Books are not only entertaining for a man in his 30s, they also keep him mentally active and help him expand his knowledge easily and quickly. Are there any books you read recently and feel he may like? Look through his wishlist and see who his favorite authors are. At Today I Wish, we find that many people love to put books on their wish list. People love to read, they may not find the time or motivation to get to the book store to pick up the books for themselves.

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