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A free online universal gift registry for everyone! Create your own wish list and browse those of your friends or family. Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings and more. Never get a gift you don't want again.

Online Wish Lists

Today I Wish just does simple wish lists. It is so easy to make a gift registry styled wish list today. List everything from your favorite authors, the things like you to do through to things money can't buy.

Now your friends and family can know exactly what you want. It allows you to tick off a gift that you have bought, or to reserve a gift while you go looking for it.

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What's New at Today I Wish...?

Personalized Profiles

Write about yourself and upload photos to give your wish lists a more personalized feel. Add friends and leave comments on their profiles.

Ask Genie

Let the Genie help bring the magic back into your gift giving. Raad case studies and learn more about gift giving and the importance of a good wish list.

Gift Ideas

Don't know what to put on your wish list? Check out our gift ideas section for inspiration. Lots of ideas for key events like 21st and 18th birthdays, thank you presents and wedding gift ideas. A treasure trove of information to inspire your gift giving.

Register Purchases

After you have bought a Wish List gift you can tick it off. No doubling up on the same present!

Buying Suggestions

If you don't know where to find a person's favorite store or gift, we can help you find it using our handy buy and go to functions.

Groovy Beats

Today I Wish lets you list your favorite
artists and authors when creating a
wish list, so friends know
your funky tastes!

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